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How long after a CT scan

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I'm not sure how to ask my question but I seem to have developed pain in my back a few weeks after a ct scan. I have been more active lately and dont want to run to my oncologist about every ache and pain (ecsp after a good Ct a few weeks earlier)  but I also dont want to worry. Any advice? 


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You shouldn't have pain in your back after a CT...unless there is something else going on.  My husband ran big/yellow heavy equipment all his life, and sometimes came in complaining something hurt, i.e., leg, hip, back, shoulder.  I always asked if he'd changed equipment or was operating something with: a stiffer clutch or brake, new hand controlls, harder steering, etc. Now, as he's gotten older, I ask if he's forgotten to take his medicine for osteo-arthritis or peripheral neuropathy.

Do some self analysis.  Does it hurt all the time?  What kind of pain?  Is there something you do or a posture or position that makes it worse?  Can you push into a muscle and make yourself say ouch?  Or does is feel like it's within the body cavity?  And how long has it been since surgery?  Once you can answer some of these questions, you can call the office and talk to a nurse. HE/she should be able to steer you in the right direction.

Be your own best advocate at this stage of the game.

Good Luck.



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Thanks Donna

 I'm a little over two years out but every ache and pain seems to send my mind wandering. I find it difficult finding a balance between being proactive and understanding that my body is aging.

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Don't worry - we all panic when our body aches now. It's part of the game!

Stay well!



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