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Hi, this is my last resort because no doctors are taking me serious. Due to the fact that I "look like I'm in good health," and since my risk is so low, no doctors are looking further into my symptoms that have persisted for 4 months now. I would love the opinions of people who actually know what they are talking about (this community). I will list the strange events that have led me here and I am looking for opinions of what to do next.

I have always suffered a chronic boarderline low white blood count (which numerous doctors have told me was not a problem since it is always right around 3.5).

5 months ago I had itching all over my body but mostly on my groin. I went to the doctors and dermatologists. They ran many tests and found nothing. They prescribed anxiety pills for me (even though I don't believe this was the cause).

4 months ago I started getting an ache in my testicles and lower stomach. Dull and minor, but definitely noticeable. The doctor also said this was probably due to my anxiety and stressed the importance of taking the anti-anxiety meds. I did not take them because I refused to believe that was the reason.

4 months ago I also started having a burning sensation in my stomach throughout the day. It didn't necessarily hurt worse or better after/during/before meals. It was a 2-3 / 10 pain when it was there. Antacids did not seem to help much, but they may have a little.

Went to the doctor a month ago after persistant issues with it, and he said it was either stress related or GERD and prescribed omeprazole after the OTC Prilosec was not helping. 

Omeprazole did not seem to help much, I was taking 40 mg 1x/day. It got so bad one night, went from a 2-3/10 to a 8/10 and i could not sleep. I felt the gnawing burning pain as well as unbeareable nausea and a headache. I took 4 tums but they did not help at all, so I went to the ER where they told me on the phone they could do an endoscopy if necessary. When i arrived they told me they do not do those there and went through the protocol: gi concoction to help symptoms; which did not help, and bloodwork. So then they told me that because of my blood count and risk factors, it was not stomach or pancreatic cancer. But since the prescriptions weren't working and that drink they gave me also didn't work, I didn't believe them and pushed for a ct scan. It came back unremarkable and the doctor almost taunted me that he was right. They diagnosed it as an ulcer ("most likely"), and told me that ulcers and GERD are one of the same. They sent me home with a prescription for carafate and told me to schedule an appointment with the GI doc.


That leaves me here today, 5 days after ER visit having to wait about a month for a GI visit. I am terrified that this could be a form of cancer, and they are wasting time they could be using to treat it. I know it seems early to jump the gun, but is my worrying justified?

Im 29, in great shape; I workout and eat well (although I've read that most of this is irrelevant). I have no family history of stomach cancers. I have no h. pylori (doctor tested me for this), I have this pain that won't go away. It has gotten a little better since the carafate; but it is still about a 2-3 /10 pain (more of a burn) most of the day. These prescriptions aren't making it go away completely. I have headaches that come and go; and a swollen (only slightly) lymph gland under the right side of my neck. I felt this two days ago and once I started feeling for it, it felt worse.

Do I have reason to worry or am I being a little over the top? 

Sorry for being so long winded, and I want to thank anyone in advance who can offer some advice.


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    First I hope that your GI

    First I hope that your GI consult went well, with positive news.  My thought is, have you checked into Somatization Disorder?  You have a lot of the symptoms and the great part is that it is treatable. 


    Good Luck!