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ct scan results

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I saw my onc on 6th February and he said that my lung mets had grown slightly and there were a couple more I was upset and we discussed everolimus as next drug to take, I am going to stay on pazopanib until next scan to give it a chance to work again as my first scan showed shrinkage. I have stopped taking omeprazole as I found outvthat this drug can hinder the absorption of pazopanib in the stomach, so we will see at next scan if it works, I think it is doing something as I have once again got diahorrea, headache, couple of sore spots in my mouth(not had these since switching omeprazole from morning to night)anyway here is what my ct scan says, what are your opinions please. Is infiltration of the IVC not very bad.

Findings: filling defect is noted in the right lower lobe pulmonary artery branches which I believe is direct infiltration of the pulmonary metastasis. Multiple pulmonary metastasis are noted. A few necrotic lymph nodes are noted in the lower mediastinum, adjacent to the oesophagus. A couple of abnormal lymph nodes are noted in the upper mediastinum as well. Few necrotic lymph nodes are noted in the paracaval region with evidence of direct infiltration of the IVC. Normal appearance of the pancreas and spleen, normal appearance of the left kidney. No significant bony abnormalities.

Many thanks for your opinions guys.


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Angela, praying god blesses you with his guidance and your next scan will bring good news.

God bless you,



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Sorry. I don't know much about reading of the report.

Wanted to wish you success with the drug changes. I sure hope these changes have a positive impact and you see more shrinkage.


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Thank you Theresa, Thank you Todd I hope you are both keeping well sending love and hugs to you both x


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Hi Angela,

Hoping you have good results. Thinking about you!!



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