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Urologist recommendation LA and Orange Country area

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Hi Everyone,

During a routine ultrasound, the doctor discovered 1cm mass on my left kidney. Now I am looking for a competent urologist in Los Angeles or Orange County area. I would really appreciate you recommendation. Finding a good doctor is not an easy task.

Thank you for your help,





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Sorry I have no knowledge about the LA area. I would look at a medical school or large urology practice where at least a few of the doctors specialize in Laproscopic surgery. Initially I would expect that based upon your diagnosis that they would order a CT to further define the mass. If it does turn out to be suspicious for Kidney Cancer they will suggest either a partial nepherectomy or if very small RFA (burning the growth or mass) or a Cybo procedure (freezing it).

The good news is that at 1cm it is about as early as it can be discovered if it is Kidney Cancer and the cure rate from surgery alone is close to 100%.


There are many members on this board who would almost die for a mass as small as yours.

Even if it does turn out to be Kidney Cancer (you are not there yet) your prognosis should be excellent. Others will chime in with the names of doctors for you.


Good luck. Keep us posted. We are here to help you get thru this possible not so fun diagnosis.



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I am being seen at UCLA. They have a whole team of RCC  specialists. I am very satisfied with them.


Good luck.


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I would find a urologist at Cedars-Sinai in a heartbeat. That way if the mass ends up cancer (which it MAY NOT BE DON"T TOTALLY STRESS) you are a step away from Dr. Figlin. He's "the man" on the West Coast. Expert docs are required, for a tricky disease. and he's an expert. Also, 1 cm is a very very very small renal mass. You are very blessed to have had this ultrasound and will lead a very long life! 

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Keep a close eye on it and if it is suspicous.. have it taken care of right away before it gets much bigger. Some doctors like to wait and wait and wait.  But like Iceman says, you have many options at this stage.  The sooner you deal with it the bettr.  Hope it turns out to be nothing. Wishin you all the best!

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Thank you very much for your answers and recommendations. I will contact Cedar Sinai to have it further examined. Kepping my fingers crossed!!!

All the best


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Dr. Jaime Landman, head of the urology department at UCI, is an excellent urologic oncologist. I highly recommend him if you're looking for a urologist.

Heaven forbid you need an oncologist for RCC, in which case you have to leave Orange County (at least last time I looked about 2 years ago). Then I'd agree City of Hope (Dr. Pal), Cedars (Dr. Figlin), USC (Dr. Quinn) and there are good ones at UCLA, but I've never gone that far west.

If you're in OC, you can't do better than Dr. Landman for a urologic oncologist.


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