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Sniffing programmed microchips to pick up cancer!

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It looks like the sniffing devices to pick up certain cancers are expected to be in use by 2020. They are hoping the devices will be available at all hospitals and doctor surgeries throughout the UK by then at least. 

You may have heard of Billy Boyle who worked at the Ministry of Defence in UK, he was developing sniffer microchips to discover explosives. Sadly his young wife died of rectal cancer which spurred him into exploring ways of refining the existing technology for use in Cancer discovery. Initially it is going to work well in detecting early lung cancer and anal Cancer. It  is also expected to pick up markers in urine. They have been able to define and use certain characteristic Cancer markers, ten in all just now.

This bodes well for future treatment of cancer, they expect an ap to be available in the future too, so we can all monitor our health better. What a great idea!





Djinnie x

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What an amazing concept! Too bad it will take 5 more years....that always seems the case. Here's to it being developed and approved sooner!




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the discovery and development....But, Oh My, the bad jokes will roll in.


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Thats some research I wouldnt turn my nose up at!

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I've been following this research for about a year now.  It is an extremely exciting concept.  Soon, the "nanotech" industry will experience a boom, and almost "new space race," and you will have a lot of companies vie-ing for big medical accounts.  Unfortunately, its all about the money-making potential of things like this.  I am SOMEWHAT of a believer in the "cancer sells" conspiracy theory only because it is a HUGE money maker.  To me, the most exciting thing is going to be in something that can find (and maybe even destroy) cancer cells early.  Nanotechnology can do that! 

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Not exactly what the article meant, lol!! I just had that thought and it cracked up. Sniffing microchips. . . 

Anywhoo. . . nano-technology is very cool. Nanoparticles as cancer drugs, fascinating. I think a clinical trial is starting at Cedars Sinai, Los Angles soon for one for kidney cancer. Let me check my conference notes. 

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I agree that cancer treatments are very expensive. But could it be not due to conspiracy of some kind, but just because all research and development part is so costly?

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