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cyst in pancreas at first scan

Terry T
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Joined: Jun 2014

hi all - had my first 6 month scan after full nephrectomy in June and everything looks good but there is a really small (4 mm) hypodensity in the panceeas assumed to be a cyst. additional imaging was recommended and is being scheduled

anyone encounter anything similar?

postive vibes to all 


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You didn't mention the type of scan. Was it a CT with contrast?

A friend of mine had an ultrasound awhile back and they told him he had a cyst in his pancreas. The CT actually showed it to be in his adrenal gland. They are watching it as it seems benign.


Terry T
Posts: 42
Joined: Jun 2014

...have follow up MRI this coming Friday...but how are you doing? hope your recovery is going well

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