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First NED

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Finally, today I got back the last result from my last test, the follow-up colonoscopy. The gastro doc had snipped one polyp and today I got the word that it's benign so officially NED as of today, just more than 1 year following my colectomy and resection. I think there will be wine with dinner tonight. Cool


This does NOT mean that I plan to disappear from the board. I like this place and I still have an interest in learning more about the long-term effects of my treatment.

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May you have many more.

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Great news!

I hope you remain NED forever.


Fight for my love
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Congrats! I am happy for you.

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what beautiful words to here from your Doc.  Enjoy NED and enjoy the wine.

Winter Marie

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congrats john good news

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May this be the first in a string of many! 


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NED those magic letters!  Hope there are many more in your future. Traci

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Thank you, everyone, for the good wishes. The wine was VERY good - that is to say, it tasted full of celebration. I am feeling almost lighthearted today, which seems very new. It's starting to sink in just how low I felt over the last several months.

Which all leads me to think about starting a new discussion. Back soon.


PS - Can anyone tell me why some of my posts end up being centered vertically rather than aligned at the top of the text box?

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You text appears normal to me. Maybe its your computer. 

So glad that you are NED. Go shout it from the house-tops. 

Sue - Trubrit

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Wonderful news!  congratulations John.

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