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Good News

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The adrenalectomy went well. I got home yesterday. I had some BP issues after the surgery so they kept me one extra day. My BP went up and wouldn't come down.

I will get the pathology report next Tuesday.

This is good news regardless of what is in the report. It means I'm NED.

I've been trying to monitor my thinking and think positively. Wow. What a challenge we face. Going to keep on it. I keep noticing myself planning for bad things or rather, thinking about the future in that way. I know that's not a good strategy.

So glad to be back. I'll hop on off and on, but I'm going to try and limit how much time I spend online and instead rest and work on getting things at home in order. I let things build up the past couple of weeks.

Hugs and good wishes to you all,


P.S. I'm so glad for laprascopic surgery. But I sure wish they could figure out how to do it with fewer holes. I got 7 this time. My friend said he's going to start calling me Sebastien. I'm not going to be in any bathing suit contests any time soon. Hahaha.

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I guess that's who he meant. I'd forgotten just how many wounds he had. I've seen that painting, but forgot. Is that Leonardo Da Vinci?

I have 12 scars now on my right side, though. It's a lot.


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Great news!  Glad you are home and healing. As far as the "wounds," I probably have everyone here beat.  From aprior surgery, I have a 12 inch scar across my lower abdomen, and 3 large scars that would best be described as ugly outie belly buttons on the left side of my abdomen.  My open neprhectomy scar is about 6-18 long across my mid to lower right side of my abdomen. 

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Glad it is over.. keep us posted!

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I'm sure that's who he meant. I've seen that painting, but I forgot how many wounds he had. Was that painted by Leonardo Da Vinci?

I have 12 scars now on my right side (my surgeon reused a couple of the old scars this time). It's a lot, but maybe not this many... :)

And I had the luxury of anesthesia!


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I'm so glad it went well and love your attitude. LOL at Saint Sebastian. Hopefully no more holes for you :)

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Todd, it's good news, now you're NED, wishing you speedy recovery and many years of NED, Forough

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but I must admit that St.Sebastien is a lot cooler than you if we speak of holes - he has at least twice more... :-) hopefully you will never beat him in this,

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Hi Todd, 

So glad to hear everything went so well and you are on the mend, being NED is like a breath of fresh air isn't it? They call it your monkey brain when you hear that  negative destructive chattering going on in your head. It's not easy switching it off but whenever it starts block it and throw in a positive thought instead.

There are lots of books out there like 'Living in the Moment', that make a good read. Basically just live for today and keep busy on anything that is nurturing your mind and/or body, end your day content and ready for a good nights sleep. Also playing music helps to keep those thoughts at bay, that monkey pops up when the mind is wandering aimlessly around in circles and ready to creative havoc. 

I have many scars across my body too, I look at them as the road map to recovery. To positive beginnings:)

Djinnie xSemblence

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YAAY TODD!! Glad its over and you are on the mend.

Yes, I too have had 2 laproscopic surgeries with little seen scars. Glad I never had an open. Actually I did if you consider my vertical incision via cesarean of my last 10lb baby!!!

Keep us informed, don't rush this recovery either.

Sending you healing, gentle hugs and good thoughts, Todd!

Warmly, Jan

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I've been working on this a lot. Gratitude. Looking at the good side of things.

I was in the waiting room today waiting to see my surgeon. This is a cancer hospital, so you know that all the people sitting around with wrist bands are our brothers and sisters in this war with the Beast.

A man and his wife sitting across from me come in and sit down. The man says with agitation "Hurry up and wait." I said (maybe annoyingly positive but this was more for me than him) "Think of it as hurry up and rest, otherwise it's hurry up and hurry up, and that's not fun either."

Admittedly when the doctor still hadn't seen me 2 hours later, I was having trouble staying positive. :)

What can we all do but our best?



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Todd - so glad you're home and feeling well - and NED!

We don't need to worry about the scars, we should be proud of our battle wounds - plus that is how we can prove that we are a members of this club!



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Grab ahold hard. And hang on!

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and I saw your post. Hang in there. Cancer doesn't mean the Universe doesn't love us. I try and remember this.

You've had it tough before. Look forward to updates from you when the treatments have beat the beast back again.


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All went well for you Todd, onwards and upwards.


karen xx


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     That is such great news, keep it up!

                                    Prayers for good health!


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