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US and Blood work... Enough for a follow-up appt?

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Hey, guys,

In the interest of not repeating myself too much, because I know I have covered this ground before, I'll make this quick. 

I scheduled my follow up with the urologist/surgeon for March 16. This is my 4 month follow up after seeing him in November after the surgery. 

He ordered an abdominal ultrasound and full blood work up to be done before the visit and that's it. My question is: does this sound like enough to you or would you push for a more detailed scan? I was stage 1 (2.8 cm) encapsulated and a Fuhrman grade of 2. I know my prognosis is excellent and I also know the guidelines leave the scan up to doctors discretion, but I have had the feeling that he has been a little blase about my case and I'd like to be a little more aggressive. 

Are there any other stage 1'ers out there and what has your follow up care been like over the years? Just trying to get a baseline so I know what kind of conversation I need to have with him. 

What do you guys think?

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For us Stage 1 guys sometimes money and insurance come into play. If there were mets the most likely place will be the lungs and a chest xray will pick up any nodules 8mm or larger. A chest CT will pick up smaller nodules, but those under 8mm usually do not concern the doctors. This is my thought for being "more" aggressive for now.



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My urologic oncologist and surgeon at Sloan Kettering also follows that protocol for my stage 1 clear cell carcinoma. I was reading the NIH guidelines and it seems that for stage 1 it is adequate. I'm sure the oncologists at SK know what they're doing and would be monitoring it more aggressively if necessary. I think it all depends on your stage and form of cancer. If you feel more comfortable with having CT scans discuss it with your doctor. I'm ok with not getting extra radiation twice a year but I'm sure I'd feel differently if I were not stage 1.

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I had a right kidney NEPH . on April 21st of 2014, went back in August 5th,scan of adom, chest and lower stomach clear , nest scan is scheduled April 5th , DR said he got it all . same size tumor as yours , all I will get is a chest scan in April .plus blood work .

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Thanks, guys, it sounds like I'm getting the normal care for my situation.  I suppose I'll just chill and take a couple months off from thinking about it.  I may talk to him about being a tad more aggressive in the yearly scans, but for now I'm calming down.

I'll stop whining now Cool

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