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Love to hear more survival stories.. New here, anyone alk+?

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Hi everyone.  I am new here.  I was diagnosed 12/23.  Wow, it is already one month!  I went from ultra sad of why me to currently an optimistic outlook.  A roller coaster one month.

I have alk+ stage 4 lung cancer, it spread to my bone.  I am 41, never smoked, Asian, female. :) Ha..ha. Statistics are funny~~

Keeping an upbeat vibe going.  Trying to find people in my situation with alk+ and trying to see what is next.

Even more importantly, I Love, love, love to hear your survival stories.  

I know you did it, and so will I.  :)

It gives me strength and hope and happy thoughts to hear that you did it.  

Love to all of the survivors out there.. love to your loved ones for being there, love to all that cares and share themselves.


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Sorry you had to find us.  I was fortunate to have my lung cancer caugth early as I was being scanned for follow up of anal cancer.  I was a stage 1a NOMX lung cancer dx with no chemo jsut removal of my lower right lobe. 

There are a lot of Stage IV survivors on the Inspire web site that post a lot with lots of knowledge.  This site is good too but not as many posters.  I wish you well, Lori

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Thank you so much for your referral.  I just went to take a look and already signed up for Inspire.  I will check everywhere~

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Hi Alice - I am a stage IV lung cancer survivor six years now.  It was such a life changing event and I suppose hard for anyone to understand unless they have undergone or going through it.  The emotions run the gamut from how could this happen to me, why don't they know more, to wanting to give up and finally the determination to get through it.  I learned not to take for granted the little things around you, not to let things get to you because in the big scheme of things they really don't matter, and most of all we are all stronger than we first believe.  As far as the lung cancer, I had my upper left lobe removed and lots of chemo, which is quite another fun filled adventure. Reflecting back on it, I would say take lots of notes as to what they tell you, don't be afraid to tell or ask your oncologist anything and seek an outlet as you have done to gain more insight through the journey.  


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Survived brain surgery and lost half a lung, dealing with brain swelling and Necrosis issues, but I'm still alive. Infact I returned to work for the 2nd time following disability time off. Firt was 6 months to the day, this last time was days just under one year. It's been 2 weeks since going back to work. I have zero effect from surgery or the tumors. Never had to relearn one single thing.

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Five years coming up in April, over two of them on Xalkori. Long story short, it is an awesome med.

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My mom had stage 3a adenocarcinoma. Half of the lung removed. Lots of chemo and then radiation. She still has pain on the sidenof the surgery and can not loft her arm too high. Also she cant walk very fast. But otherwise she is strong and happy 6.5 years later.

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