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ACS Road to Recovery

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I love this board and found great comfort and advice from it when I was first diagnosed.  However, I no longer feel comfortable discussing my own experiences with newly-diagnosed patients since treatment has changed so much in the past five years - and that's a good thing.  As a survivor I wanted to give back in some way but found that my experience is now out of date - I appreciate the positive irony of that.  I do occasionally pop in to express support and hope to others.    

So I have found another way to give back by becoming a volunteer coordinator for the ACS Road to Recovery program.  Did you know this program offers free ride assistance to patients for cancer-related treatment who are alone or have no one to drive them when needed?  It's a wonderful program based on the efforts of many volunteers (coordinators and drivers) to make those rides happen.  I recommend it to anyone who needs this service.  And I recommend it to those potential volunteers looking for a mission.

More information is available on the website or by calling 800-227-2345.




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Regardless of how out of date your treatments are, your experince is still important to all of us, newbies and us oldies. 

I hope that you continue to visit with us, and let us know how you are doing. Please don't abandon us altogether. 

Volunteering is such a wonderful thing to do.  

I doubt we have ACS here, as our nearest Oncologist & Radiation teams are in the big city, about three hours away. 

I have a freind in England who drives people to their Doctor's and hospital visits. It is a very fulfilling thing to do. 

Remember we need you, but respect whatever decision you make. 

Peace to you, also.

Sue - Trubrit

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I'm not leaving the group.  Just not offering as much advice anymore.  Good point about availability of Road to Recovery.  It probably is mostly in the larger cities and suburbs.  Just wanted to highlight the services for those it's available to and who might need it or want to volunteer.  Thanks.  

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