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Two years since my Met was removed

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It was 104 weeks ago today that I went into surgery to remove a 1.5 cm tumor from my lung.  At the time, it was not clear if it was a new tumor or a met from the RCC; the biopsy proved it to be a met.  Lucky for me, it was a solitary met.  I have had no other treatment...and as of today, am two years NED.  My Oncologist (Hans Hammers) says that two years is a big deal, because two years NED with an agressiive tumor (mine was Sarcomitoid) places me on the better than 50% chance of no reccurance.  

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It's nice to start out the day with an encouraging post as yours.  Best wishes for more good reports.


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It is nice to see good reports. Very happy for you and wishing you continued NED Smile

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Great news DHS! We are always HAPPY to share the good news of NED - for 2 years!



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Congratulations, what a good news! Wishing you many years of NED

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YAAAYY!! Glad to know this!

Thanks for posting such good news!


Warmly, Jan

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Congratulations.  Nice to read some good news.

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Great, congratulations !!!

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Well done dhs!! I am sure  you have many more NED years to come!!

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That's wonderful!  God bless you! 

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Keep up the NED's and pretty soon it will be NBD (No Big Deal).



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dhs congrats on the two year nerd free , keep it up and keep up the positive attitude . yeah for your family as well. 

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Skagway Jack
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Congratulations!  Two years is a major milestone.  I hope this good fortune is passed to all who are in this forum. 


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this is wonderful news  Pray it continues for you.  Love good news.

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