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Hello Folks:

I had a very good Oncologist for about 3 years.  He decided to leave and departed the end of August 2014.  The cancer clinic is part of a nearby hospital.   I miss him; had a good rapport, which is important.  His replacement is very good too, but the rapport is gone.

Well, anyway, I have had what the Onc. calls, "Marginal Zone Lymphoma."   Had Rituxan infusions for about two years.  The Lymphoma has "stabilized," for lack of a better word, and I will return for another visit with the doctor in six months.  


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The doc must view your disease as very indolent or slow-moving if he does not need to see you for six months, Nancy.

My educated guess is that this means you have a lot of healthy years ahead of you !  I read it as an excellent report, and hope I'm right. I hope you can feel this way too.

Bless ya,


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Hi Max:

Thanks for the note.  Apparently nothing happening at the moment.  The doc. said that doctors don't use the word, "remission."   So I used the word, "stablized."   What the heck.  Happy something positive happened after 2 years of Rituxin infusions.   I feel quite positive about it.  Not a spring chicken, however.

After reading one of your posts, it sounds as if you are doing very well.  Great.  Bless you, too.







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