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Almost 5 years kidney cancer

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I am coming up on my 5 year scans for RCC Chromophobe.  At my 4 year my doctor said next year is the year if everything is good at the 5 year scans you are done.  Is this right??  I have read so many stories of RCC Chromophobe coming back.  I know it is not the norm but it happens.  Does this seem right to all of you?

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Five years is a big deal. According to your bio you were stage 2, grade 3 on your biopsy. I do not know anything about RCC Chromophobe. Over the past 5 years on this board I have seen some recurrances after 5 years. My thoughts are to get a second opinon preferably from an Oncologist about continuing scans forward. While 5 yaers is sort of a magic word for being cured from Cancer it is not usually apllied to Kidney Cancer other than for statistical purposes.

If it were me I would ask for more scans.

In my case (clear cell RCC, about 4.6 cm)  I had CT scans for the first 5 years and ultrasounds yearly thereafter. At 12 years I had a final? CT scan. I have an Ultrasound scheduled in the fall for year 13.

These are my thoughts. I am not a Doctor and these thoughts should not replace good medical advise.



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