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Hi everybody:

I haven't been on in a while and only for a hot second.  Just over 2 yrs NED from Stage 3A colon cancer.  I do lurk almost daily though to keep tabs on how ya'll are doing.  I LOVE how positive, supportive and loving ya'll are to everyone.

I have a question about vaccinations.  Someone, just a regular joe, said I need to get all my vaccinations again since my immune system was wiped out with chemo.  Sort of makes sense, but mostly not.  I've spent some time on the internet trying to find anything about this.  Only found 1 site, which was basically me asking you if I need to get them again and you saying no.  Didn't find any info stating vaccines/boosters are no longer effective due to chemo.  I can understand them being much less effective during chemo, but wouldn't they bounce back once all the chemo crap is out of your system?  Has anyone asked if we need to be revaccinated for some/all or need boosters for some/all after chemo?  I'd like to get some info together before I ask my onc.





  • lp1964
    lp1964 Member Posts: 1,239
    Smart question.

    I myself have no idea. I will certainly ask my oncologist too, but if you get to it first let me know.