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Stopping chemotherapy

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I have had 6 rounds total of chemo drug gemcitabine and carboplatin along with nausea med IV drip of emend, aloxie, fortran, and decadron.  I have been told that my major mass (I am stage IV  lung cancer) has shrunk but I have been very sick and have stopped my chemotherapy treatments.  I asked to have my drugs decreased but the doctor didn't want to.  I know I am going to die but can't take the chemotherapy.  I do not have family in the area and don't know what to expect. 

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Im so sorry that you are not able to continue the chemo.  I was fortunate that the lung cancer was found while having a follow up CT for another cancer.  I had surgery and didn't have to have the chemo. 

This CSN lung cancer discussion board doesn't get a lot of posters, I post here and on Inspire for lung cancer.  I hope you will copy and paste your post on the Inspire web site.  There are lots of stage IV survivors there with lots of knowledge.  I wish you well. Lori

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Do you have family that could perhaps come to where you are for support? I was very sad to read your post that you are dealing with this all by your self, this is not a easy diease with-out question , from your post it seems that treatment was having an effect on the tumor, but only you know how the treatments made you feel. It takes alot of courage to make the decision to stop treatment. I am sure you are dealing with a range of emotions right now. Do you think that perhaps without being tied to treatments that you may be able to travel to where family is and have the physical and emotional help that you may need during this time , maybe with that support you could withstand treatments? I know life can have layers, as well and dealing with family can have it's own issues and problems . I am not trying to change your mind on anything you may have decided already , but just know that people who love us want to help if given the chance. This site is a good place for support, many good people here , who can share their stories as well . So if I can be of any help please let me know? Just remember one Day at a time , sending peaceful thoughts your way!    Gravelroad Cool

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I am so sorry you are going through this. I remember how hard the chemo was my docter had to change my pre meds for nausia several times before I got to a place I could handle the side effects not trying to influense you in anyway this is your battle you fight the way you need I hope and pray you reach out to your family friends even hospice if you choose don't be alone your not anyways because I along with may other fighters survivors are with you  I hope what ever you decide it brings you peace Please keep me updated if you can and at least think about hospice they help with my little brother Dad and Mom it is day by day sometime hour by hour

God Bless you

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