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Thank you DoubleWhammy, Hybrid, Hopefull & Pinky

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I got a call from my doctor's office for a recent polyp biopsy and they told me it is negative! I can't believe it.   I want you to know how much I appreciate your advice. And I know that when you answer posts, you're not just helping me but so many others that are scared and looking for answers.  I will pray for you all that there will be a cure for this disease soon. again, THANK YOU! Smile

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You can't join our club.  Isn't it wonderful?  I'm so happy for you.  If you come across  someone who needs us, we'll be here.  Take care.

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Congratulations on your great results!

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LaughingCongrats on your great results!!! I am very happy for you

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Double Whammy
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Great news.  Now I hope you will also get some symptom relief. 


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That is indeed good news, Needadvice1. Meanwhile you know a great place to direct others who may find themselves in your previous situation. I read a lot here, but don't often post.

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