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Taking a Break from Board

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Dear Friends:  It's usually this time of year that I'm taking a break from the board and feel this is the time.  So much going on with my brother and his recent diagnosis with lung cancer (he is my baby brother) and I'm heartbroken that he has been in and out of the hospital about 5 times since Thanksgiving.  Just can't concentrate right now and going to spend some quality time with hubby, as I usually do this time of year.  My thoughts, hugs and prayers are with you always every day.  To the many that are new on this board, you are in good hands with all the many wonderful people here.  I'll be on periodically to check in and post but just didn't want you to all thinking I've left without telling you. 

Hugs!  Kim

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Big hug to you. I hope your break is refreshing and rejuvenating and I wish you the best as you support your brother through his challenges.

And I will be ready to celebrate when you return. Your posts have been very supportive to me and I truly do appreciate you!

Love and light to you my friend.



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for now Kim. Peace to you and your brother in whatever may come. Enjoy him and your hubby in these upcoming days, I'll see you on the flip side!


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Take as much time as you need Kim. Just know that we will miss you but certainly understand. We will be here for you when you decide to return.

Cathleen Mary
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Take care of you, Kim. Prayers for your brother.  Enjoy time with you husband and come back when you're ready.



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It will be sad not to see that sweet smile, but at least we know that you are doing well with being NED. 

Just take good care of yourself, your husband and your brother, and come back when you are ready. 

Sue - Trubrit

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All the best to you.

Thank you for your warm welcome and wishing your brother a positive outcome.


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Enjoy your family time Kim.  Don't worry about us, take care of you and your family. Wishing you well.

Fight for my love
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Hi Kim, enjoy your time with your brother,please pass my good thoughts and prayers to him and his family.

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See you shortly Kim. Enjoy the break=}

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But you certainly have a lot you're going through, just know I send my best wishes and thoughts to you and your brother and will be thinking of you hoping things get better while you're gone.


Winter Marie

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Take that well deserved break that you truely need.

We are always here if you need us.

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Hello, I left you a message on the Lung cancer discussion board.  Lori

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Thank you all for the kind comments.  I'm not going away, just taking a break.  My prayers for all of you continue daily and pray for all your struggles to lessen.  Hope all have recovered from the storm and are safe. 

Hugs!  Kim

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Hey, Kim.

I totally understand. So sorry about your brother. I'll be praying for him.


You'll be in my prayers, too.





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