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Update on Craig (aka Sundanceh)

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Craig's wife Kim asked that I share this update with you.


Update on Craig. He was admitted to the hospital on Wed for an obstruction. They are slowly trying to clear it and want to scope him to see what is causing it. He is having a hard time with all of this. Please say a prayer for him!    He asked me earlier to help him check the CSN board. He is in the new UTSW hospital. The rooms are big and beautiful. They have a couch that makes into a bed if I want to stay and he has a 42 inch flat screen with Internet access. He loves that the TV actually work and has a clear picture unlike the old hospital.  Please say a prayer for him he scared that they will not be able to clear it


Please send your prayers that this can be resolved quickly for Craig and that he gains some measure of relief and comfort.

Marie who loves kitties


Cathleen Mary
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oh, poor Craig! Prayers are coming you way with lots of warm wishes for a speedy resolution. I hope you are soon well enough to enjoy the lovely room and TV. You are in our hearts.



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Oh my dear friend, how I wish I could take your pain away.  You are always in my thoughts, and you know how much you mean to me.

Gentle hugs (()),


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Saying prayers for Craig, and for his wife.  He's travelling such a long, hard road. I hope the TV keeps him entertained, though I know how that goes when you're in pain. 

Sue - Trubrit

Fight for my love
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This brought tears in my eyes. Prayers are on the way, hope things will get better soon.

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I send love and prayers for our dear friends recovery.

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love and more more and a prayer winging your way.....hang in there big boy....


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get your shi** together.   Craig deserves a break.  Please give him one.

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like there's a proactive plan. I really hope they can figure it out this time, a blockage seems like a simple 'plumbing' problem. Craig, you deserve some relief, sending out good energy.


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Craig and Kim, thanks for keeping us updated.  You know you are never far from our minds.  I'm so sorry you guys are not catching a break.  Hang in there and enjoy the beautiful room and tv.  I hope the love and prayers coming your way help to ease some of the pain.

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Hugs Bro and Kim. Praying.



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Thought I would check on the board after a long absence and see specifically how you were doing. While I didn't like to hear about your obstruction, I was happy to see you are still in the fight.   You continue to amaze me and I still feel such gratitude for the hope you brought me through your words when I had none. While I didn't get what I wanted, I am more convinced than ever than life on this earth is preparation for something much bigger. if I would've brought this confidence to the game earlier, I would've had more peace with the journey. I pray for many good days ahead for you and your wife.  You are an inspiration for many. Love, Lisa. 

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Craig, you know I love you buddy. I have been praying for you each and every day and I will continue to do so.

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Father God, we ask that you be with Craig and his wife during this additional challenge. Giving them peace and strength so that they will endur through this. Also that you are with the team of doctors and caregivers. Give them the knowledge and wisdom and guide their decisions and actions, bringing Craig relief from the obstructions. 


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Sue - Trubrit

buckwirth friend
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I haven't checked on this board for a while. When I read about Craig I felt compelled to add my prayers also. Blakes wife Kathy always loved reading Craigs stories,they always put a smile on her face. Big prayers and hugs go out to Craig and his family that his Drs clear the obstruction & that he enjoys his beautiful room. 

Your stories made their days happier, I hope these prayers are heard & that you're free from pain & back home with your family shortly.

Buckwirth Friend & his wife Kathy

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