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new life

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I feel kind of sheepish about announcing this....sometimes I think grandparents can be a great boreLaughing but I have to say I never dreamed in 2005 after colon cancer diagnosis and then 2006 death diagnosis that I would experience this......our only daughter gave birth to a baby boy....

the emotions that i feel for this child are amazing to me....who knew old people....? really old cancer people could feel such overwhelming love again?  okay sorry have tried to upload pic but of course.....cannot....think pic is in my expressions...

love tonight to Craig...and Nana.....and Lou....thinking of you all


best love....mags

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I can tell you are a big sloppy heart full of love! That's why you must stick around for your children and now the fun part- your grandchildren!!! Indulge them to the point of angering their parents lol. Congratulations! I'm happy for you : )

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the threepeat!

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Ha ha .....3x reply dear boy......thank you so much......I wish you so much well......Smile yup a baby is still in this old world a true miracle....really....how could this perfect little being be created ??? it is a miracle....luv


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Nothing like becoming a grandparent...be it the first time or the 10th time!

May you and your grandson have many many years to enjoy each other.

Hugs and love,

Marie who loves kitties

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thanks Marie...if I can just hold on for a year or a couple of years.....hahah....you all know the routine....just hang on but now I really really have a reason to try hard and stick around....


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   One of the joys of surviving 16 years was to meet my second grandchild last week. A beautiful little girl Asha Faith to go with her equally beautiful big sister Chilli Maree. My son is a lovely boy with a kind heart. It is so good to see how the kids have given he and his wife Christeen so much happiness. When you see new life it is hard to think about illness and about how bad you might feel. I can sit and watch young kids for hours it is the best medicine ever. Ron.

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Congrats on our new grandbaby too.  I finished a book today ...main characters name was Asha...beautiful name!  I believe it means hope, which goes perfectly with her middle name.  Lovely choice.

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Congrats Ron!!   Enjoy your second bundle of joy!!


aloha, Kathleen

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They are the best!  I was hoping to be around for the first. Now I have six and the seventh is being adopted on Wednesday.

Here is to you being around for a bunch more!  You certainly deserve it!




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Grandma, Grandma,Grandma what a beautiful word and you are equally a beautiful grandma!  I can tell by your words that your heart is swelling with love for this little boy.  He is a very lucky little boy to have you in his life. 


Love and Hugs - Tina

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Congrats.  I looked at the picture..beautiful baby and mommy.   There is nothing like a new baby...enjoy!

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Mags, I know what you mean!  My twin girl Grandbabies will be 8 months old on the 27th of Jan.  They are my first and only so far.  I just want to be around to see them grow up.  Nothing sweeter than a baby.  Enjoy him!


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I just joined that club, too - last month with the birth of our grandson!  I never thought I'd live to see the day!

Shared joy!

Love, Alice

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Well, you did say you felt sheepish, and surely you didn't mean that you thought it inappropriate to share such joy here on the forums, right?!!

There is no better place than here, amoung your friends, to share your good news, and for us to rejoyce with you. 

Congratulations! I think one very lucky little boy has come to earth and found himself not only good parents but a wonderful Grandmother. 

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Enjoy every minute with your grandbaby. My granddaughter is the light of my light right now. I have a grandson on the way in March, so I'm really excited. Give that baby lots of hugs and kisses.


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Awww...congratulations on your little grandson!  How absolutely wonderful for you and his parents.  :)  I wish you many years of fun playtime together!

Hugs (())

Fight for my love
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Congratulations! how wonderful it is!

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ahhhh shucks.....you guys are just the best...Embarassed   I guess I just forgot that we are allowed to share the good with the bad here......thank you dear cancer family....


Cathleen Mary
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Blessings, galore on this little boy!!! Welcome to the world. What a gift to have you as his grandmother who is already head over heels in love with him. Now, you have to stay around :-)

Congrats!!!!  Enjoy!!!!



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2015-01-24 I am so thrilled for you, they are there to spoil and love and hug and feel the gratest love for!! I have four grandsons, each a precious joy, I know the feeling.

Congratulations to your children on the birth of their child, and congratulations to you GRANDMA!!!! Welcome to the wonderment of grandchildren club.

Hugs and Luv,

Winter Marie

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You gush all you want Grandma........

Joy, pure joy!

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Welcome to the Grandma Club!  I joined it on Christmas Day 2013.


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A new life in the family is such an amazing thing.  At least for this old lady, it makes being in the autumn of life quite acceptable.

Congrats to you all!

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I'm so excited for you!! This will be a great adventure! We have 3 grandchildren and just love them like crazy Smile




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Oh Mags!!!  Such joy!  I'm so happy for you.  I've got tears of joy for you my friend.  Do enjoy your sweet gift!


aloha, KathleenKathleen

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it is joy that I never imagined.....who knew you could feel love this way.....well just every gram and grampa here.  Yup all well....going down to the city this weekend for our third visit since birth....he is six weeks old......Will plan the meals and take with usKiss....gosh it is so much fun....

love to all.....mags

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Congratulations Mags. What a wonderful gift. I have five kids (four grown). I pray that someday I'll experience the love you describe. Two daughters are getting married soon (July 2015 & April 2016).

love and hugs to you


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Perhaps being the oldest current member of this foum, am I the only one with a greatgrandchild?  Spent this past thanksgiving with the

baby and his father and grandfather.  Enjoy Mags!

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