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1st post surgery scans on Monday - UPDATE

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I have my 1st post Surgery scans on Monday and needless to say I am becoming a nervous wreck.  So far I have been pretty successful in keeping my conscious mind pretty calm but I think that my subconscious mind is going wacko.  I have been having weird pains all through out my abdomin and since they just started a few days ago I am confident that it is psycosomatic and everything is fine. I keep telling myself that there is nothing to worry about until there is something to worry about and don't go borrowing trouble. 

I have been able to keep the front of my head focused on other things but does any have any ideas on how to keep the back of my head for freaking out?


UPDATE - Well my 1st scans are done and I am NED. Thank you everyone for you support and encouragement.


Thank you


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Trust me i gave myself headaches worrying about cancer thus thinking i had brain mets so what i am saying is do not ignore your body report everything but remember our minds can cause us to feel more than what is really there.

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So I try to maintain, quite successfully, equanimity towards the disease so that any information is neither good nor bad, it just is what it is. After a scan and waiting for the results my subconcious goes haywire and I find myself running down endless hallways full of locked doors with floors covered with broken glass.

There might be some anxiety there methinks.

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Worry is normal. We were all worried and scared for the iniial neph and the scans that follow. The purpose of the scans is to make sure there are no problems down the road and if one shows up that it is caught in the bud and dealt with accordingly. Hang in there. Worrying does not make it better.



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Luckily for me my doctor does the scans in his office and I will get the results right then so no waiting days for the results. 

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Wishing you well with your scans. Scanxiety sux! When I learn how to stop freaking out at every one of hubbys scans I will let you know!Smile

 Hugs Melissa

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Wishing you NED, it's normal to worry but it's great you have control on your mind. Hope these last days pass quickly with a good final report.

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That's so great that you get results right away. Hope they're the best possible!

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Yeah I went for blood work last week and I will those results as well.

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Telano,It takes practice but you can spin your worries into a very positive experience. Aren't you glad your cancer was found? Aren't you glad it was removed? Aren't you glad you are being closely followed by your caregivers? Aren't you learning about how tough you are?....So,.....Aren't you glad that you will get your test results and whether they are good or bad, you and your doctors are right on top of it. Aren't you also so excited?

Listen, this may be done on a prescheduled routine for the rest of your life. Isn't it better than being dead? Take the ball and run Telana.

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Fox, than you very much for this advise! A great Approach tofollow ups, I'll keep this in mind when my boyfriend's scans come

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