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Hello I am a 61 yr female. In 11/2011 i was dx with follicular lymphoma, went thru chemo ,hit remission in 2/13.Still in remission. Dec 3/2014 was dx with NSCLC stage 4, with adenocarcinoma,and malignant pleural effusion. My dr. said i was A-symptomatic patient.Found out yesterday that the 2 fluid analyis were negative. Which is something i dont understand.What does that mean? went for a mri- brain and it was clear, went for another cat scan of chest and the 1 1/2 ceimeter spot has showen no more growth. Dr said that yhe amount of cancer that is there is so small. Cat scan showed no effusion,he said he was surprised because when you drain fluid it normally comes back and i have none. Yesterday i started my chemo of Carboplation 560 mg and Alimta 900 mg.I will have that every 3 weeks for 12 weeks. so my unanswered questions are about the fluid analyis , if the spot that is so small  and i have malignant plueral effusion and no fluid has come back, what does all this mean. I would really like to hear some input on all of this.I go back to see the Dr next week but if i could get some info before that i would sure appreciate this. Also any one else been on these 2 drugs, how did it go for you? Hair loss, any thing i should know? I thank you for reading my post ,as i am a newbie here. Just looking for some insight to this journey i am on. Thank you and have a blessed day, rose


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    Hello, I was a stage 1A and had surgery to remove my lower right lobe.  I had no chemo so I really am no help to you. 

    I visit the Inspire web site and I think they would have some answes for you.  You could copy and paste your post there.  This is a good site too, but not as many posters. I wish you well. Lori

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    I had my upper left lobe

    I had my upper left lobe removed in 2005 and went on carbopatin and taxol after . I did loose my hair it is only temporary I had a bit of stomach problems but pre meds helped with that. Unfortunately with my case in 2010 I had another spot show up in my right upper lobe which after 3 fail attempts I had my upper right lobe removed 2 weeks ago and it was in fact cancer again same cell adenocarcinoma I expect I will be back on some type of chemo it was not in my lymph node which is a blessing. hope this helps