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Bloating and a recurrance.

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Can bloating be a sign of a recurrance. I had my complete surgery done in June 2014 and 5 rounds of chemo and internal rad. I am do for my 2nd ct scan  since surgery on Feb. 9th. Should I just wait.My stage is 2 MMMT.   I have Celiac and eat gluten free but something is going on. Maybe I am just eating to much.  thanks


















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Bloating is a symptom of uterine cancer, so I would think it could be a sign of a recurrence.  If I were in your shoes, I would wait for the result of the CT scan since it isn't terribly far away (18 days).  However, it's up to you and your level of anxiety if you can stand to wait that long.  It took me a month to get an appointment for surgery when I had my UPSC, and I worried about waiting that long, but I'm still here in spite of waiting (and I had stage IVb four years and eight months ago).  Are you scheduled for a CA 125?  You may want to call your doctor and see about getting one of those earlier so he or she will have the complete picture when your CT results are in.  

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i am sorry you are having these symptoms.  While i didn't have bloating with myoriginal symptoms i do believe from my story and ingother folks stories we can't bother our dr's enough.  If we are concerned than it doesn't hurt to ask the same question of your dr's office and if you can't get to your dr, talk to the PA.  tell them your concern and anxiety as many times CT Scans are easy to schedule and they just might change the appt.  ALso listening to what you are feeling and your stage and previous scans they might also have you set up an appt with a GI dr.  My ongologist is great and i was having symptoms end of last year and she said, don't take meds to supress the symptoms but find the source. So i did and found out i had some GI issues that i wouldn't have known about if i hadn't pursued,  we were both glad i had.

but i agree the anxiety is the worst part of this journey.  I am hoping you get some answers before 2/9 that will help you with the waiting


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Good Morning, namedropper. My doctor told me that if I have unusual symptoms for two weeks or longer that I should inform him of the situation. I think bloating can be a sign of a recurrence but it can also be a sign of other things as well. Talking to your doctor is a good first step, I think.

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