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New Here and Scared

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OK saw the Oncologoist and the Final Diagnosis and Treatment plan is:
Diffuse Large "B" Cell Lymphoma. Will have Chemo once every 3 weeks for 6 cycles. Have a PET scan next week and get a port put in for the Chemo.
so my surgeon gets another Whack at me
Will be getting the R-CHOP Combo platter

Scared because I am alone, no family support to speak of. I do have Church family that I lean on but 

still SCARED.


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Hi coda826,

Yes, it is tough to get to know that you have cancer.

You went to the doctors and you have a good treatment plan, and that is how it should be.

Sometimes in life difficult things happen. The only thing you can do is to handle them as well as you can.

To be alone is also difficult. It is good that you have Church family, and they can probably support you well.


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Thank you

Anonymous user (not verified)

what part of the country? There may be support available.

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Thank you

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Welcome tot he group, coda826.  Sorry you have to be here but you'll find caring and supportive folks here.  I had diffuse large B cell lymphome and have been in remission for 3 years now.  Lymphome is very treatable and this type is considered curable so know there is lots of hope!

If you haven't already done so, ask for anti-anxiety medication.  It will do a lot to keep the "worry monster" at bay.  It is very normal to be scared - especially now.  Once you start treatments and get into a routine, it's less scary.  I was treated with R-EPOCH which is similar to your treatment.  It's no picnic but it is very doable.

You are not alone here.  Please feel free to ask questions, vent, etc.  That's what we're here for.

Big hugs,


Mary N.
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I'm glad to read that you have support from your church group and that you are getting a port.  The port makes the chemo so much easier.  Actually what you have is very treatable an some even say cureable.  You will find that you get tired easily and give yourself room to rest.  i worked part time through mine but sometimes that is not possible.  Welcome to the group.  Sound like you are getting treated as you should be.




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Hi Coda,

Keep your church close. They may surprise you and you won't feel so alone as you go threw this. Yep it's way scary but a fear shared is a fear cut in half.  Make sure you communicate your needs. Stay strong and keep us posted. 


Max Former Hodg...
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Be aware that many people are afraid to approach someone with cancer, because they are aware that they know very little on the subject, and are afraid of "saying the wrong thiings," and such.  The best way to break the ice is to ASK for help.

Call the church and make it explicit: "I need help, at least someone to come by and check on me periodically." Most churches of any size have people whose task is to visit the sick and shutins.   This will often open a floodgate of support; it gets people who were wanting to help all along make the first step.

If there is a branch of the Ammerican Cancer Society near where you live, they also usually have free support services available -- give them a call.


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Oh gosh! I was solo through all my lymphonma treatment too. But I have a cousin in another state that was a great long distance shoulder to cry on or talk too. She understands ( alot of folks just don't ) as as been through medical stuff herself. Be sure you get people that do not push your anxiety buttons and make you more upset. I got another cousin who turns a hangover into gangrene when you talk to her so I NEVER talk to her about medical stuff. Sorry you'll have to "weed out" some people, Plan to stay away from anyone ill or coming down with something. Sorry but young kid visitors are not the best idea. Lots of stuff going around and you are vulnerable.


Remember to give yourself a break sometimes. We tend to be harder on ourselves than anyone. I was upset cause I couldn't be superwoman anymore. Hey you are fighting a serious condition. Don't worry you don't look like a beauty, you are tired and the house isn't spotless. If visitors don't get it, tough! Many agencies have a Comfort Care or similiar that will come in and do housework for you & the price isn't too bad.

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eCoda,  I was diagnosed the same as you 6 years ago this last Jan ..  I had 6 rounds of CHOP every 3 weeks and then two years of Rituxin for 2 years.  I pray that you will  go through this like I did.  I prayed a lot, watched only funny things on the TV, laughed a lot, loved my family and made it through.  I will be 6 years in remission this June 2nd.  It is scary but if you had to have any cancer this is the best I have always heard.  There are many treatments now and I have even heard it referred to as a chronic disease.  God bless you through this journey.  Joanie


P.S.  I started a cancer support group in my church and we have 16 active members.  Joining a group and finding people who really understand what it means to be diagnosed with cancer is so important. 

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