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Stomach Issues close to Resolution; Endoscopy

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Hi, all,

Had an endoscopy yesterday; the GI doctor wanted to do one to "rule out" a couple things.  This was in response to the stomach ailments that sent me to the ER that initially got the ball rolling on my incidental cancer diagnosis.  

Long story short, he said he found some areas of irritation consistent with gastritis, so they did a biopsy for H. pylori bacteria to see if that's what it is.  I actually hope that is what it is because it'll get everyone off my back to get the gallbladder out.  I'm really not in a particular hurry to go under the knife again.  And 90% of people with gallstones never have symptoms.  And I have ONE gallstone.  I mean, really.  

Anyway, propofol's a helluva drug, ain't it?

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Good result - just gastritis and nothing serious!

BTW, my boyfriend had endoscopy this summer too, and an ulcer was found. Doctor tested him for H.pylori, as for most common cause for ulcers, and haven' t found any. But he still treated him for H.pylori anyway, because he mentioned that this bacteria is rather hard to get during biopsy. Even the negative biopsy result doesn't mean the bacteria is not present, it still could be there.

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Jason, I have a marble sized gall stone that was found 8 years ago.  I never had a symtom before or after it was found.  The doctor wanted to take it out right away and I told him no.  That it is not bothering me so why bother it.


I am glad that everything went so well yesterday.



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A friend of mine also has gallstones and refused to take out her gallbladdder. Her only symptoms are bouts of pain once or twice per year, so it is really not always absolutely necessary to get it out.

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If you look at My CSN Space, I posted an image of my abdominal ct scan of my tumor last year. Coincidently the same image also shows my gallbladder is about half filled with stones. I haven't had any symptoms at all so the doctor told me not to worry about it. Congrats on nothing serious!

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Jason, I am glad you got it checked out. Listen to your body!! You are the one that knows it best!! And I am hearing everyone's stories and am realizing  the patient is usually right.

I hope you feel better soon!



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Yeah... I'm in no hurry to get it out if it's not causing me any problems, but it feels like every doctor is just pushing me to get it done.  I mean, we were born with a gallbladder for pete's sake... I know we can "live without it," but it's not IDEAL to live without it!  Jeeze!  

I also read about the H. Pylori bacteria, and apparently there are some schools of thought that it is part of the natural order of bacteria and we may be "overtreating" it so I'm certainly going to ask a lot of questions if that's what this turns out to be...  As I said in the past, the pain is always at the center of my stomach, never the "classical" gallbladder pain on the side and in the back.  So... shrug, I guess.

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gallbladder out sometime around 2009. No big deal. But 2 years later I'm diagnosed with a 7-8 cm kidney tumor. Large enough that it should have been seen several times by the surgeon. i wish that he had seen it and removed it then. Oh how different life would be.

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