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WHy can't I trust doctor

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I am 25 years old, male. 

I was freaking out because I found a 1 centimetre enlarged lymph node behind my ear, its been there for about 4 months. I thought for sure it was cancer/lymphoma. My family doctor told me it was probably nothing to worry about, but would send me to a specialist because I am worried.

I went to the Ear nose throat doctor and he told me its just a lymph node and many times said it is not lymphoma. I felt great that day and the next day, but now a week later, I still have my doubts about it. Why can't I trust these doctors?
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"Trust but verify"

Ronald Reagan


do you have any other symptoms? 

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You might not be able to trust the ENT because he has thus far given you nothing to trust. From what you wrote, he simply said "It's not lymphoma" ? Based upon what ? Looking at lots of bumps and usually guessing right ?

ENTs do see lots of knots on people's necks, and most indeed are not cancerous. I have known and met lots of individuals with very large, even disfiguring tumors that are unpleasant to view, but have been confirmed non-cancerous.

Your next step, if the spot does not go away, would be to return to your family doc, or a different one, and request a biopsy. A knot visible at the surface of the skin usually can be biopsied in a doctor's  office with a needle (so-called 'aspiration biopsies'). Surgical removal of a tumor, called an 'excise biopsy' requires a minor surgical proceedure,.  Most family docs do not do this, and another referral to an oncologist or surgeon would be required.

When a doctor tells me or a relative that something is 'not cancer' my immediate question is "What is it"? It may not be cancer, but it is 'something.' Be aware that most MDs do not have a lot of training with cancer, and it is often one of the last diagnoses they will turn to, since most of what they encounter is much less serious, and much more common.


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Exactly one year ago today I felt a tiny node in my groin. My family dr. sent me to a dr. I had been to before. At the time I was in the best shape of my life, felt great and the node was getting smaller. The miracle was that the dr. ordered a ct scan. I wasn't sure I even wanted the radiation. The node was gone. But I had the ct scan. The results, multiple masses in my gut. A surgery later, the masses were nodes and I had Hodgkin lymphoma. The moral of my story, don't wait until you are sick. Due to being in great health and catching it early, I made it through chemo and things are going well!! 

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Hi, see another good doctor to get a second opinion.


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Second opinion & biopsy. 

Be strong and keep your support close to you and talk to whatever Dr. you have a make sure you share with him or her how you REALLY feel.  If they are a good Dr. you'll know they heard you.


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