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Mole being removed

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I am so nervous I have had several family members with skin cancer and now i have a mole that is 3mm and the dr thinks it is super suspicious. I am 32 and tanned in a tanning bed for 4 to 5 yrs but sense have not. (after aunt was diagnoised i stopped) I have had this mole most my life but in the last yr we have noticed some changes in it. this is on the very back of my neck. anyone have any information on what i should expect 

Tom from Me
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i had one removed from my back recently.  Mine was 2 cm X 4 cm in size so it was pretty large.  The surgery was painless, i had an incision about 4 inches long and deep eniugh to require internal and external stitches.  Pathology took over 2 weeks to get the results to me.  I will now have another surgery to enlarge the margins and to biopsy lymph nodes.  The news that it was a melanoma was pretty unsettling buy i am ok as long as i stay busy.  When i am not busy i tend to worry alot and fear the worst.

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