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Diagnosed in 2003 and Still here :0) ... Wondering if I recognize anyone still .....

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Hi All,  not sure if anyone on here remembers me or not.  I just to be a regular on here when I was going through my treatments years ago.  I don't know where the years went actually because even though I am a survivor its still a struggle to survive mentallly.  Quick update I was diagnosed in 2003 with 2cm tumor in base of the rectum with liver mets.... A year of chemo and radiation and surgeries but I am still here..... What brings me to this board now is long term side effects.  Just wondering if anyone has gone through what I have and experiences side effects from radiation?  My main side effect is aching in my pelvic area and hip joints and don't really know if that is just my age LOL or a side effect from 28 straight days of radiation.  I pray all of you survivors are doing well and hopefully I will recognize some names.... The ones beginning this journey please read this like I did 10 years ago and know there is HOPE and don't ever give up..... XoXo Doreen 

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I also suffer from the mental issues such as depression, anxiaty, still asking myself why me, i know most would think i am crazy for worrying after being NED for so long, but i cant help it.  I have horrible neuoporthy (sp) in both my feet, its horrible it is controlled mostly by taking gabipentin (sp), i have alot of trouble sleeping, and for the last 5 years i have had severe back pain, it turned out to be a bad disc, but i have never injuried my back, not that it takes much to hurt your back i hear, but just so happens the majority of the pain is right where the radiation was targested, i think it has to do with all the radiation treatments, but i cant prove it, not that it would do any good anyways. 

I try to hard to live but my health hasnt been the same since the cancer and i am not sure it will ever get better, but i am cancer free so there is alot to be said for that :)

I do hope you start to feel better, please know you are not alone..



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   Yes some are still here. I have an anniversary on the 22nd of this month. It will be the end of year sixteen start year seventeen. I have some serious long term side effects the worst of which are svere peripheral neuropathy, psoriatic arthritis and an unknown auto immune disease causing nephrotic syndrome in my kidneys. There are some other old timers still here. Stacy Gleason called in last week. She is stil going along fine and in her words leading a boring life. All the best ron.

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Congratulations on posting to let us know that you are still around.  My diagnosis was in November, 2008 and had 6 weeks of radiation to the pelvic/hip due to rectal cancer.  My hips have hurt me since and last year my hips hurt so bad walking was getting difficult, including walking up the stairs.  Went to sports medicine/orthopetic and took xray and both hip bones were disinegrated.  Just had complete hip replacement in October and looking for the other replacement in the near future.  Get an xray.  It could show that the radiation has just melted your bones.  It showed that both pelvic bone regions are dead in the center - where the radiation was targeted to reach the hip bone and rectum.  Sure did a number on me, but I'm doing well with my new hip now, better than 4 months ago that's for sure.  Good luck to you and thanks for posting again.  It's good to know that long time survivors still come on board Laughing.


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I was diagnosed in 2004 with Stage IIIC colon cancer and was a regular on this board for quite awhile.  I haven't been on in months, but decided to take a look today. Glad you're still around as well.

I wish there were more resources available for after effects of chemo on long-term survivors.  I'm very happy to be here, and I certainly don't want to upset or offend anyone currently going through this horrible disease, but there seems to be little information available about long-term issues from chemo.


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Still here ... feet still a problem but I have to deal with it... April 4th will be six years..

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I wonder why there arent any stats on long term survivors and the effects of all the different treatments.  I dont like to sound like I am ungrateful, because i am not, i konw my ONC saved my life, he hit me with the strongest amount of chemo he could give me and i believe it is a big part of why i am here still (and God also had a hand in it, i believe), but that said life has been very hard. Emotionally as well as physically, there are no magic pills, no magic counseling sessions and unless you have gone through it yourself you cant imagine how it is. I know i am coming across like i am b!tching and i honestly dont mean too, all i am saying is its been a long hard road even being NED.  I dont talk to anyone any more about it, they all seem to think i am cured and its just over, which i like to think that too, but in the back of my mind its never over, every time i dont feel good, or if i am to exhausted, or i go to long between going #2, stupid things like that make my mind whirl. Its a crazy merry go round that never seems to stop. 

But on a positive note, i did get to meet my new grand daughter last week, Ms. Emily Mae came into this world on March 25th and is healthy and very happy...I thank God i am here to meet her :)



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A new granddaughter; how fantastic is that!!Smiley baby girl 28.gif

And of course you are right. Every twinge of the body and it HAS to be Cancer. We'll never be free from the worry of recurrance. 

Sue - Turbit

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She is such an angel, a true blessing from God.

Have you noticed that just about every thrid commercial on TV is about cancer of some kind, or is it just me.  It never ecapes us YUG...




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