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Request prayers, good wishes and good thoughts

Fight for my love
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Dear all,

My husband is going to have a CT scan on 18th, this is his first scan after the big surgery (pelvic exenteration) on Oct 29,2014. So I request prayers, good thoughts and good wishes. Please pray a NED result for us. We had been through a lot just like many of us on this forum. I am having anxieties, but holding up. I sincerely thank you for your input in advance.


Best to all of us,


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Nana b
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You have them all.   Great results here we come!  

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I will pray for your husband

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Hoping and praying for Ned!

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first scan after a big surgery just last week so I know what you're both going through! Positive energy sent to both of you! 


Cathleen Mary
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wishing, praying, hoping that NED will be a member of your family.


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Good luck to your hubby for the 18th.  We will await your posting good news soon. 

Sue - Trubrit

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Sending blessings, good luck wishes and good vibes to you and your husband for great news on this CT scan.

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for your husband and for you, good luck



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Fingers and toes crossed and prayers to the Spirits that be that NED becomes reality!!!!

Winter Marie

Fight for my love
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My sincere thanks to each of you, you don't know how much this means to me. Thank you very much, I really appreciated.

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and good thoughts. Hoping all goes well with the tests. 



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