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Question About Multiple Cryoablation Treatments for PC

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Would like to ask whether anyone has taken multiple Cryoablation treatments for PC and if so how was your outcome.

I am seven years since diagnosis (age 54) with PSA 30, G9, t3b

Susequent radiation treatments 73Gy (41 fractions) IMET completed August, 2008 followed up with 3 years of Luprone treatments (completed April, 2011).  PSA reached lowest level of 0.2 ng/ml while on Luprone.  

From 2011 to 2013 the PSA rose reaching a DT rate of 6-7 months.

Negative F-18 bone scan and MRI study (2/2013).  C-11 acetate PET scan indicated activity mostly in the mid to left apex.  No other evidence of soft tissue or skeletal metasis (9/2013).

Salvage cryoablation treatment performed by Dr. Silverman (March, 2014)

My PSA rose from a low of 0.5 ng/ml to 1.0 ng/ml (1/2015).

Would really like to take advantage of as much treatment without the use of meds .....

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I am not aware of patients reporting about experiences in repeated cryo therapy. You may inquire for referrals at the clinic where you did the treatment. They will provide you addresses of someone in the same situation who they treated.  In any case you should certify that the present recurrence is from cancer in the prostate gland, otherwise cryo would not "work" well again. Cryo needs a target to aim into and if metastasis is your case, then cryo may not be the appropriated choice.

The exams of 2013 were super. And their results may have lead you to chose the salvage cryoablation. This time you need to retest again to identify cancer location. However, low PSA levels are related to false negatives and this time you need to get a positive result. You may wait till the PSA increases above 5 or just take the chance and treat without assurances.
My suggestion is that you get a second opinion from a medical oncologist. Note that Gs9 patients are nowadays recommended to combo therapies to attack the cancer from several fronts.

Best of lucks,



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I actually had to make an additional trip to California prior to the salvage cryoablation treatment.  Dr. Bahn's office performed his color doppler imaging techniques to confirm the C-11 acetate imaging results.  I was told that both imaging techniques could not guarantee that the PC was already located within the right of the prostate.  The cryoablation focused on the left side as well as the seminal vesicles.

If the PSA continues to rise and duplicates the rate of rise prior to surgery (i.e., DT of 6 to 7 months), it would make me suspicious that I am dealing with recurrance.

Whether we go ahead with another round of cryoablation treatment at this point is the quesiton.

In the meantime, have two wonderful grandkids to spoil.

Thanks for your responses to our questions on this insidious disease.

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