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Just checking in, had a PET scan last Sunday and saw Onc on Monday, new scan shows a new area starting, for a total of 4, the Onc mentioned stem cell and that its a good possibility this time its aggressive, i have an appt for Thursday with a thorasic surgeon, he will let me know what can be done, my Onc says i have to get this rolling now, the other 3 areas have grown considerably, and she is concerned,7 years of this is starting to wear me down,i am tired more mentally than anything, emotionally im all over the place, having a hard time sleeping, cant stay asleep or i cant fall asleep, the wheezing is making me nuts, the pressure is more noticeable on my right side, i hate this so much. But its out of my control, and i cant do much until all results etc are in, will post more after Thursday


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It's not what you or us wanted to hear.  Hang in there Chris.  It must be so difficult.  Please know we all care so much.  Hope our support is a little bit helpful for you.  Thank you for keeping us updated and I hope soon you will have a little more positive news.

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers,


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Hi Chris,

I had high dose chemo followed by autologous stem cell transplant in 2012. It is a demanding but very efficient treatment.



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I'm sorry you are having to go through all this.  I hope you have positive news with your appointment on Thursday.  Please update us when you can.  You know you have caring and supportive folks here.

Big hugs,


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Hi Chris, 

I haven't introduced myself but I just want you to know that your a true warrior  inside with all that you have been against.

I will keep you in my prayers and just know that your not alone. 

P.S. When it gets overwhelming just know you can cut your day into 5 min sections. Get threw 5 minutes at a time. 



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Had the appt with the thorasic surgeon, was very nice and attentive, said i have been dealing with this far too long and we need to find out what exactly is going on and move on to get this under control, i have surgery Feb 19th 2 days after my birthday, will have a Thoracoscopy which will involve deflating my lung, to reach tumor for the biopsy, should be in hospital for a few days with drainage tubes, it is a laprascopic surgery but it involves getting through tissue muscles etc so i expect to be uncomfortable, my Onc mentioned possible stem cell so will see after all is said and done, im exhausted just typing all that it entails, i am going into this with a determination to get rid of this demon, what ever it will take.

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Hang in there Chris. I thinkg you have a great attitude about staying determined. Positive thoughts and prayers heading your way from Olympia, WA.

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Hi Jeff, my determination is all i have left to get rid of this, read your blog, you have a way with words to keep a person who is reading it interested to read on, i did my own writing therapy i do poetry, tried the journal writing, i bored myself, dont have the skills to make it interesting in that way, most of my poetry comes from my feelings about cancer, some say it is dark, others like it very much, matter of taste i guess, thanks for responding, have a good week.

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