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Swould i relax?

I found 6 mounths ago a lymph node in  my head right side its the size of a peanut,its hard like a bone,fixed and nontender .Had a lot  of headaches,nausea and dizzyness with it .My doctor give me antibitics for 10 days to see if will go down.Meanwhile another apeared on the neck under the hair line this one is a bit softer but also fixed,nontender.Then other appeared behind my right ear ,smaller ones but hard and fixed all of them,and 1 under ear and the jaw line.I had then 10 days of Celebrex couse my doctor told me maibe i have reumatoid arthrites and its inflamatory.Nothing happend.I also have a lower back acke,a lot of fatique that dosnt go away with sleep.never ever in my life felt so ill like this 6 mounths ,and felt so manny pain in my dody,bone pain,back pain,hedaches,dizzyness,fatigue,heavy periods that in last 3 mounths come only clothed blood,nausea,lot of palpitations,dry mouth,my gums are bleeding and they were healthy before the lumps appeared.Anyway last week i was in the hospital and did a blood work,a X-chest ray,abdominal ecography and a lower back X-ray.He didnt do no tests in the head,neck area only he felt the lumps a bit verry superficial.All blood came back normal except my neutrophiles which are lower then the normal but in this past mounths i get a lot of infections and i used to not even catch a cold for years ,i had a verry good imunne system till now.the doctor didnt told me nothing about the neutrophiles and he told me that im healthy and the nodes are maibe from an infection that i had and probably they can stay like this forever and not go down.i didnt had no infection previouse the lymph nodes to apeear.He told me to visit him again in 3 mounths to see how the lymph nodes are but he is not worryed and told me its not time to do a biopsy becouse with all the tests i look healthy.I dont know why then i feel so bad and had so manny simpthoms with this nodes?anyone can tell me their opinion if i should relax and move on with my life or should i ask for a byopsie or maibe a second opinion?Im 35 years old and never sick before in my life.Maibe im paranoied dont know what to think anymore but its imposible how my body sent me so manny signs and still nothing.All my nodes are unilateral,fixed,nontender ,hard and wherever i searched it comes up Cancer.Thx in advance


  • alexxya35
    alexxya35 Member Posts: 2

    In the lowerback X-ray turned out i have Lumbago thats why i have this lower back pain all the time the doctor told me.And i forgot to mention that i lost a lot of my hair after took Celebrex till the point i had to cut my hair short.

  • jimwins
    jimwins Member Posts: 2,107

    Hi Alexxya and welcome to the group.  You are not alone here.  From what you're written the low neutrophils is concerning as this means your body is less able to fight infection and that could be the source of a lot of your troubles.  Maybe that's where the focus should be with more tests, etc.  Obviously, something is wrong.  Most of us here have had to deal with "Neutropenia" (low neutrophil counts) during chemotherapy.  It is important that you do your best to avoid infection(s) if your neutrophil count is low.  This means avoiding sick people, crowds, uncooked/raw foods, and keep your hands clean with washing/sanitizer, etc. 

    I would pursue further testing and possibly get a referral to an oncologist to rule cancer out.  I'm not a doctor but am offering my opinons based on experience and limited research.  I hope you find answers soon and they get to the root of this.  Please update us when you can.