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just want to say "Hi" I'm new here.

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I was diagnosed in May 2014 with a non small cell, adeno-squamous pancoast tumor (stage III) as it was invading my first rib and some of the veins and nerves on my right side, not surgically removable, although they did try after Chemo and radiation shrunk it down a bit. The surgery didn’t work though.  It did give me a nifty abscess in my neck and pleural effusion, which is currently under control, although since I have been through all this, the site of the tumor has become really hard to scan and most of my scans have since been “inconclusive”. So I really don’t know where I stand.

   As one might expect, I still have pain and am going to try again in February to get new scans.  My “affairs” are anything but in order as this diagnosis has pretty much turned my life into a train wreck in every way conceivable, But I am going forward as best as I can.

Left foot...right foot.

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Hello, Sorry you had to find us.  I post here and on the Inspire we site.  Please copy your post and sign up on Inspire as well, there is a lot traffic there and a lot of knowledge.  I was fortunate to be a stage 1a removed the lower right lobe on 9-23-10 and so far so good.   It was a squamous cell and caught because I was being scanned for another cancer.

I wish you well, Lori


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Hi Lori, thankyou for responding

The only thing worse than feeling alone...is feeling alone in a really big crowd.

Thankyou, I do belong to inspire, they also have alot of traffic, there are so many stage 4's... I feel like I'm not educated enough to really contribute to their conversations...

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