Hypothyroid symptoms - but not hypothyroid??

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Quick background: 

I Was diagnosed 10/15/08 and now have 4 years remission

I take 200mcg daily, Levothyroxine and endo says all levels remain perfectly where he wants them 


But my problem is that even though my endo is happy with my test results, I'm continuously battling not so fun symptoms that I have no clue how to make sense of. 

Fatigue -- it doesnt matter if I sleep 2 hours every couple days or 18 hours a day - I can not for the life of me ever feel 'refreshed' much less rested in any sense. I'm constantly battling the urge to fall asleep. 

Achey - i think it has to do with the fatigue honestly lol But I'm constantly in pain (0-10 scale, about a 6 average) just dull aches with sharp twinge

Dry itchy skin like there's no tomorrow (which in the winter time I usually just blame on where I live since the wind can be dry and brutal lol)

Brain fog like there's no tomorrow --- I also have complex PTSD so struggle with things like insominia, concentration, bouts of depression, anxiety, and memory etc -- but brain fog is becoming increasingly worse as well as depression, and anxiety.

Constipation (it's getting ridiculous) 

As well as always feeling hot. 


I thought these were hypo symptoms - but my levels keep showing up normal -- it makes absolutely no sense to me roflmao 

I'm seeing my endo again in June and am going to bring it up then (again lol) but I just thought that maybe others may have experienced something similar? 

I know I can't be the *only* one lol 

Thanks! :)