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my husband had th biopsy on the 2d and we got results yesterday. The area in the sacrum that first showed up on the initial MRI in the staging and diagnosis but which no one alerted, was renal cancer. Based on the initial size and the current size (18 months) shows it to be very slow growing.

the smaller spot on the ilium was not biopsied but the onc will infer it is renal cancer. 

The onc will be discussing this with the radiologist/oncologist who did the cyberknife on the T11 to see if he can have this again 

i am pretty confident that cyberknife will be the way.

unknown to us is whether treating the sacrum 18 months ago might have disrupTed the spot on the ilium.

we will hear back from the oncologist tomorrow and if cyberknife is the way, it will be set up by the time we return from Hawaii 


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Gee, that is pretty good. I think. Just zap a couple little buggers and he is good to go....until next one. I also bet that i'm in a similar situation. It sounds managable.

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yes, if cyberknife is used, it is very manageable. Despite his seeming acceptance of what stage 4 means, he was still shocked but I was able to provide perspective for him.

when is your check up, Fox? 

and, as far as scans and contrast, but for no contrast this time, it would not have been picked up.

the contrast can cover areas while highlighting others.


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Not bad, Sarah!....I am glad you at least know the facts before you leave for Hawaii. Cyberknife is a pretty good option too - hoping that is their choice.

Now go and enjoy heavenly Hawaii.

Big hugs to you two.



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we left for Hawaii yesterday and are here now. The oncologist called yesterday just after we got here.

i had offered to delay until we knew but husband was clear that cancer would not control the trip.


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