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Good scan results!

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Met with my husbands oncologist today to get the results from his pet/ct scans from Friday.  very nervous and anxious...burst into tears at my physical yesterday when my doc asked how I was.  

last year at this time, he was relearning how to walk with rods in both legs.  In August he had a clean scan and we couldn't really celebrate as my mom was dying.  

The pharmacist comes in first to go over meds and increase Celebrex.   Then the oncologist comes in with the hugs and random talk and started to talk about meds and stopped and said first things  first...the scans look great!  I think I took the first full breath in days...same for him.

Hes been doing daily xeloda plus avastin every 3 weeks.  They kept reducing the xeloda as his platelets dropped.   She wants to stop xeloda since the scans are good and cea has been holding at 1.0.   Will continue with Avastin every three weeks and increase Celebrex a little at a time.

We saw an Aprn there that works inpatient who we haven't seen since last year when he was admitted.  She couldn't believe how much he's improved.

i know many of you have scans this week.  I'm hoping and praying everyone has the same good results.

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Yey!!!!  Smiles all around!!!  :D   I am so very happy for you and your hubby, now you can take a sigh of relief and of course celebrate the good news!!   Happy dance!!!  

Hugs (())


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That is so awesome Jen. I am truly happy for you both. You deserve it. What an inspiration your husband is for bouncing back like that.

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can you tell I'm a little excited for you guys? :D

That is such great news. So has he been NED for getting close to a year now? That's a huge achievement given all that he's been through.

Fight for my love
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So happy to read the good news.

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That is awsome news!! So happy for you both, wishing you continued good scans and testing ... Happy New Year!


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Congratulations on the good update! Make sure to CELEBRATE this one. We're always looking for a reason to celebrate. Love and Light to you and your husband. 


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Thank you all.  This place has been the greatest support system.

two days later and I'm anxious.  Just found out that his cea is up to 2.5.  I know, still normal, but it's going up.  And now that she stopped xeloda, Im worried it's going to come back quicker.   So hard to enjoy the good news with that worrisome number climbing.   

Cathleen Mary
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Jen, this is wonderful news. Enjoy!  Don't let a single CEA reading spoil the good news. I continue to be NED ( and mine was elevated pre op and thought to be a good marker ) and I hover at 5...for 2 years.

You both deserve to breathe!



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happy dance! Congratulations


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Hopefully CEA rise is just some inflammation stuff.  Why is he on chemo if scans are clear and CEA was negative?

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Maintenance chemo...last year when he was off chemo waiting for ostomy reversal is when he had the femur break.  Those bone mets have been there since diagnosis but always biopsied neg.  but they go away with chemo and come back when it's stopped.  He takes this all in stride so much better than I do. I was down and out for the day, just moping around.  He's like ok, whatever...do what we have to do.

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Happy things are going well!  Celebrate, take a deep breathe and enjoy!



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Glad that you are able to take the full breath again.  It's always a relief.  What great news.


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Happy news! Whew!



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