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Good afternoon and Happy New Year,

This is my first time visiting the CSN website.  November 2014, dx with prostate cancer following a second biopsy.  3 of 20 site were positive.  gleason 6, psa around 8, gps 22.  My urologist feels the cancer is contained to the prostate. I'm a very healthy 56 y/o.  I'm considering Cyberknife. Looking for some input / experience with the process.  I would use Dr. Masino out of Stamford Conn.

Thanks in advance.



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CK worked well for me and others on this forum. 

I had it done on Sept 2010 and, despite some erratic PSA results, I am cancer free 4 years later.  The treatment was completed in only 4 sessions with no side effects whatsoever and was paid for by Blue Shield.  You can do a search for some of my many posts (and those of others) by just using the keyword "CK" or Cyberknife.

Looks like you're a suitable candidate for it and, barring something you haven't mentioned, I highly recommend it over other methods of treatment.  Feel free to ask any specific questions that you may have and I'll answer them if I can.


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Where do you stand?

what led to a biopsy, what is your PSA history, was the digital rectal exam normal, of the cores that were positive, what was the involvement; that is what percent of the core was positive....since determining gleasons is very subjective it is important to have a second opinion of the pathology by a world class expert.


There is an MRI scan for prostate cancer that is very effective in indicating if there is any nodule involvement, if there is involvement in one or two lobes, will show size of prostate, may show evidence of extracapular extension, will stage the disease. An MRI with the 3.0 Tesla magnet, is the gold standard. There are certain major hospitals that have MRI machines with a 3.0 Tesla magnet. 

In my layman’s opinion it is advisable to have such a test before any treatment. If the cancer is outside the prostate you may wish to reconsider a treatment decision.

Basically the MRI provides finer resolution than the bone and cat scans, and is more effective in determining if the cancer is outside the prostate...........



In my laymans opinion if you are a candidate for SBRT (cyberknife) this is an excellent treatment decision verus other active treatments that can have major side effects.Here is a site that is specific to cyberknife treatment that you may wish to view. www. cyberknife.com

I personally am following an "Active Surveillance with delayed treatment if necessary" protocol. I have been doing this for 6 years now. You may or may not qualify for this treatment decision, your numbers have to able to meet this criteria...you may wish to investigate....by the way in my case if my numbers stay as they are I will continue with active surveillance, but if they change to the negative I would serious pursue SBRT of which Cyberknife is one platform of delevery.Active Surveilance for delayed treatmentis a very viable treatment decision for low risk prostate cancer, since 97 percent of men with LRPC are likely to die of something other than prostate cancer. The pathologic stage of patients who are closely monitored, is similar to initally treated patients with LRPC, so the treatment decisions will be very similar. I selected Active Surveilance as my treatment decision in March, 09 . I plan to continue with this treatment option for the rest of my life if I can. If not I feel that I will still be able to seek any necessary treatment. .....


You may wish to respond to the questions that I posted to you, additionally please feel free to ask questions of concern, hopefully we can answer these for you.

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Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry you've had to join us, but you've come to a very helpful place.

I completed CK treatments 9/2014, so please check out my story using the following link (Titled "What Lies Ahead?"):


All the best -



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Hi Bob,

I'm new here as well- just started a blog. Here's my experience- hope you find something in it to be helpful.

My prostate felt normal-not enlarged but my PSA was 6-7 and the biopsy revealed cancer in most areas of the prostate but had not spread (apparently). My urologist said definitely surgery/removal. The radiation doctor said definitely IMRT radiation/two sessions of seed therapy after. Another surgeon said surgery as well but he would try to keep the nerves intact where the urologist suggested nerve removal. My case had a "twist" to it because I had esophageal cancer two years earlier so the local cancer board said I was a "hot topic". Others said watchful waiting may be the best. I chose the radiation/seed option and 18 months later, so far/so good. No urinary problems, PSA has dropped to 1, everything working as it should. I remember viewing where the radiation was hitting (and missing) and it was pretty impressive- pinpoint accuracy I guess. My radiation specialist worked with Peter Grimm- pioneer of seed therapy I believe. I was impressed by his confidence in what he suggested. He spent two hours with me the first time we spoke. My urologist spent about 5 minutes. The only part of Pcancer that bothered me was the many choices for treatment. I noticed very few, if any side effects. It's different for everybody though. I wish you the best!


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Hi all.  This is  my first time here.  My husband was treated via CyberKnife for prostate cancer in August 2013.  His urologist was NOT happy that he chose this route - guess he really wanted to do surgery - and said that hubby would NOT be a good candidate for Cyberknife.  Nevertheless, we did our research and spoke to the CyberKnife radiologist.  He told us in fact that he WAS a great candidate for CyberKnife so we went with that.  Now hubby has problems fully emptying his bladder and with urinary retention resulting in a bladder stone, which was removed by scope plus he did a bladder biopsy.  He said that this problem is going to be ongoing.  I'm told that surgery is really not an option but he may be able to undergo a mini-TURP but not sure.  Uro told him that his bladder looked like "Hiroshima".  Any experience with this?  Any suggestions for me?  We see the uro on Tuesday for his biopsy results and discussion about his UR problem.  Said he may have to undergo twice daily self catheterizations which would make it very difficult since he had a stroke six months before and has limited use of his left hand.  I don't mind learning how to do this for him, but wondering if there are any other options and whether anyone else has had this same problem.  Thanks!  Glad I found your group.

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Sorry about your husband's trobles following CK. I long considered IGRT, but avoided it because I had long-term flow issues, which some radiation modalities can worsen. I also had learned that surgery post-radiation is difficult or impossible, since the gland becomes very fiberous; it turns into tissue a surgeon can't readily Identify or manipulate if he has to go in. I hope that the mini-TURP or other solution works for him.

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Sorry about your husband's difficulties but it's hard to say what the cause of the problem is because you don't give us much information (other than he had CK treatment.  Were there other contraindications that your haven't mentioned that caused your husband's urologist to think that he was NOT a good candidate for CK?

FWIW and w/o other info, I have a hard time believing that CK is the cause of your husband's current urinary problems because, if properly mapped, CK is currently the BEST method of of delivering radiation w/minimal side effects becaue of the extreme level of accuracy (sub-mm level) available for CK mapping.


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I'm sorry for your husband's problems following CyberKnife and welcome to the forum. I would also suggest it might work better and generate more response if you started a new thread for this topic.  

I had CK last September, so I follow related posts. So far, my results have been positive though it's only been a short time. I'm obviously interested in the cause of your husband's condition, and any direct connection to CK treatment.

I would also recommend this site: http://www.cyberknife.com/forumlanding.aspx   There are a couple of doctors active in CK that would likely weigh in on his issues.

Best wishes


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