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Muscle weakness

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It has now been three weeks since my operation, and I am experiencing quite a bit of fatigue, and my arms and legs feel like there are weights strapped to them.  Very sluggist.  I also noticed today that my right arm was tingling...from my foreare through my hand.  Additionally I have been rather dizzy.  I do know that I have something out in my upper back right now...I can't even turn my head to the left without a sharp pain in my upper spine...this may explain the tingling arm thing.    I had a lot of these symptoms before surgery as well...weakness, dizziness, etc., but my doctor thought a lot of it was due to anxiety and stress.  Now that the tumor has been removed, I still feel these symptoms.  Has anyone else experienced these types of things?  Might it be related to the surgery and general recovery?  This is new territory to me, and of course, after what I just went through, every little symptom I feel causes me to think the worst.



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Fatigue is normal 3 weeks post neph. You just had major surgery. Whether or not your symptoms are something more is something you should bring up to your surgeon as well as your GP.




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Agree with icemantoo that you should ask your doctor.  But for what it's worth, I have neck and back problems that preceded my surgery in July, and they have kicked in again.  In my estimation, they have nothing to do with the surgery.  Perhaps sleeping in a bad position exacerbated the problem for you.  As I type this, I am lying flat on my back, experiencing horrible lower back pain. I had to go for my first set of post-surgery scans today, and it was painful getting on and off the table.  I see my urologist-oncologist on Friday, and I may ask him about my back pain  in relation to my surgery, but I fully expect him to say "no way." 

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Keep in mind, that you may even be walking/sitting/standing/resting in a less than optimal position.  Having pain in one place , such as what is caused by surgery, can cause you to change your posture without even realizing it.  This can lead to a multitude of other aches and pains.

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I had a kidney removed May 2013, and I was astonished at the effect it had on my entire body. I didnt even have the strength in my fingers to play guitar! How could an operation on my belly effect my fingers?

Well it did because the surgery is a shock to the whole body and I had no idea!

I was prescribed physical therapy which was very helpful and enlightening at how low they 'set the bar' for starting exercise. But if your at all worried ask one of your doctors. I found my local practitioner very solicitous about my health and full of helpful advice.

Be patient. To be honest I am no where near as fit or strong as I was before surgery, and I'm beginning to wonder, honestly and pragmatically, how much of my previous fitness I'll ever get back.

Tell you what tho': I aint dead yet!Smile

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The weakness is concerning a bit, but even more concerning to me is the dizziness and "off balanceness" as well as the tingling in my arms that I feel.  I need to ask the doctor about those this week for sure.

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