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Hip and lower back pain

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Hi all,

 I'm having lower back pain that was tought to be osteoarthretisis before being diagnosed for my RCC. Nothing showed up on the bone scan in august tough. I am now dealing with this lower back pain everyday and night(worse at night), I am also having hips pain since a couple of week and i cannot cross my legs without help from my hands. The hips pain is also present at night if i sleep on my sides. I'm not the guy normally worrying too much about those kind of thing, but now, I am. Anyone here who had bones mets could tell me how managable the pain is? If it was bone mets, would it be tolerable or is it the worst of the pain? How fast is it degenerating?  My next CT is in march and I don't want to bother my Dr with this, but if it was to be mets, would it show on CT? 



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Whether your hip pain has anything to do with mets is above my paygrade although my thought is probably not. However this concern is something I would sure bother my Doctor about.




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I agree with Icemantoo.  Ask you doctor.  Did you see AndyE's thread?  He's having back problems too. And I have been having issues with neck and back pain that cropped up recently (my surgery was in July).  But I do not believe it has anything to do with my surgery.  I am experiencing an episode of major back pain right now with symptoms similar to yours, except for the hips. I expect mine to go away in a few days after rest.  I see my doctor for my 6 month follow up and review of my scans on Friday.  I may run this by him, but I probably will not.

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There is way that I am not going to run pain by my doctor.  For instance:  I had some numbness in my right leg and a few pecuilar things had happened and I went to my Doctor after noticing the numbness for three days.  I was given a CT scan of the brain and it was RCC that had spead to my brain.  I have been NED now since Nov. 13, 2013 and I will not wait if I feel something happening with my body.  New pains, soreness, coughs that last more than a few days I am calling and making the appointment.

Please do not worry about "bothering" your doctor, you are the most important advocate for yourself!

                                 Prayers for good health!



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Yes, please listen to everyone and talk to your doctor. Doctors are there for us to "bother" and we pay them very well for it.

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