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Treatment for Cancer

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Hello: I am 80 yrs old male and have lung cancer.Had it since 2011--it just came back in 2012 and they said no more rads on lung--so chemo again--and this failed to shrink it so they sent me home to die. Went on the budwig diet.This diet is Cottage Cheese-mixed with Flax Seed Oil( Has to be in cooler @ store)or do not buy it and I grind up 3 spoon fulls of seed and mix that in with the oil,little almond milk,and the C&C I add a little fruit to this and do it 2x day.

I also do cabbage juice 2x day (bought Great Juicer) Put in clove of garlic in juicer----uggggit is but so is chemo.

Wife makes oatmeal every a/m with almond powder Vit.C-D-E & vit.12. No sugar-meat-plant food diet on other meals.  DOCTORS want to do a C.T Scan on the 14th of this mo.Have bladder and prostrate cancer also--I,m strong in belief of GOD and the will to live


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My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer June 2014.  She has it in her spine, bones, and now liver.   As soon as I found out about her diagnosis I did a ton of research and spoke to Michael Ventra and also studied Budwig diet, Gerson, GB4000 machine, her diet, etc.........

She takes her Budwig everyday, uses a rifle vibe machine for 10 minutes a day, drinks carrot with green apples, b17 & b15, hemp oils with high CBD's, marijuana lotions for her pain, also a Kangen water system which reduces her acidic body and raises her Ph levels in her body.  She also does the no sugar, no meat, no processed foods.

She had her pet scan two weeks ago and the docfor commented that she hadn't progressed As fast as he had expected.  He said he was surprised at how good she looked.  She is full of color and she doesn't look pale at all.  She looks healthier than before she found out she had cancer bc she is eating such a clean lifestyle now.   

I believe what she is doing is slowing down Cancer.  I beieve she has been extending her life.  Will this cure her?  I don't know but I want to believe it can and still could help her live longer and be Cancer free.  

I would love to hear how your results come out since you have been doing a similar diet and approach it beating this dumb disease. 

Take care,


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Plant food diet has killed the cancer in my prostrate and bladder. I do a 100 percent plant food plus Budwig and lots of turmeric Have no clue on the 5.8 tumor in lung--last test was last year and the report of the C.T scan was "Tumor had not grown" Have no symptoms

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