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Axitinib/Inlyta after clinical trial azd6094 failure

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Hope this finds you all well!


I wanted to give an update on my clinical trial for AZD6094 through Dana Farber Cancer Center.  I met with my Dr and clinical team on Tuesday prior to Christmas and was given terrible news that the clinical trial for my Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma was not working for me and that my mets have increased in size and spread.  I did have a clear kidney now, which was good, but the liver mets had grown in size and I have two spots one on the L2 and other on the L3 vertabrae.  It was obvious that the medication was not working on my cancer so I was advised and agreed that we shoudl pursue a different medication for treatment.


The new medicine I am being advised to consider and being prescribed is Axitinib also known as Inlyta.  Does anyone have any experience with these drugs that are also dealing with Papillary RCC?  Papillary #'s are so few that I do not know if anyone has any sort of experience, but any thoughts, direction or advice would be great.


Remarkably I feel fine and do not feel overly sick.  I get the occasional set back with pain, but I am sleeping well and find that I am still optimistic and fighting to both understand my options and keep an outer appearance of strength for my family, friends, etc.  I am so very blessed and feel, even though things do not look the best, that I will win this fight and find a way to recount a very interesting story some day.


May God Bless you all and hope you have a very happy and SAFE! New Year!



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     Your attitude is great and will help you as you continue the fight.  I have not had to take medications, but I have had surgeries, three to be exact; kidney, lung, and brain all turned out ok.  As long as we all continue the fight with any means that we have including prayers it can only bring us that much closer to allievate this awful cancer.  I am praying that your new meds will help and that we will soon here how wondeful you are doing!

     Keep up the fight and the faith!

                                                                                 Prayers for good health!


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Much Thanks!



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Tbuck are you still here mate?

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