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A little over a year since diagnoised

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Hello my name is Shelley and I am new to this forum. Just by reading some of the past posts some of you may be able to answer some questions that I have. Early October 2013 I was told that I had NSCLC. My stage was 3B. My team of Dr. had planned my treatment as first I would do 4 to 5 rounds of chemo to shrink the tumor....then they would have to remove my right lung. Someone was on my side...the treatments went will and shrink the tumor more than half. At the end I only needed to have 1 lobe removed and that was in Feb 2014. As I look back on it now...if I had to have had my whole lung removed it would have been extremely tuff. Here it is Dec..and I am just staring to feel better. I have had 2 scans sense and both were clean. It really hasn't even been a whole year yet but it seems like it has been a life time. Every time I cough I have this fear of it coming back. I am sure it gets easier as time goes by...scans are less stressful? I guess that's my question. I really can't do the things I use to do...I feel blessedto still be here. Thanks for listening Smile 

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It's exciting that they were aggressive and went for a cure!  We talk about it being possible to go for it in a stage 3 but drs often find reasons not to do the surgery.  

I can't honestly say that scanxiety ever gets better but as you put time between you and the original diagnosis there will be whole large segments of the day that you don't think about cancer which makes the whole thing easier. 

pleae let us know how you do.  

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