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Bone marrow biopsy discomfort - long term?

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Hello, has anyone experienced chronic discomfort from BMB? I had the procedure in 2013 and still experience sorenness at the site. My oncologist dismisses the connection to the procedure and indicated none of his other patients have had this issue. I'm frustrated and would like to find a solution. It is very uncomfortable, particularly after I am physically active for a period of time. Any suggestions out there? Thank you!

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Hi Kate,

  I had my BMB in 2010 and still have discomfort in my left hip. It really throbs while cleaning the house, especially vacumning. About all I can do to eliminate the pain is to quit what I'm doing. My Oncologist does not feel this is abnormal and has had other patients complain. I don't take any medication for it because it only happens during strenuous activity. Hence, when it hurts I stop the activity causing the pain. Hope you find a way to deal with it . Best wishes...Sue 

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I had my BMB in 2010. I'm still sore at times.

I agree with Sue.

I hope you can find some relief in time.

I treat it like back pain.

Ask your oncologist if you can take excedrin back and body. It works for me most of the time. 

Good luck to you.


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Hi Kate,

I am experiencing some chronic episodic throbbing pain at the bone marrow biopsy site as well, and the proceedure was done almost four years ago (March 2011), The number episodes have reduced with time. It's more annoying than anything else, but it sure makes me somewhat concerned.  It's good to know others have this issue too.

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I had a BMB in one hip in Nov.2002 and another in both hips in Feb 2013. I had only minor pain for a short time. It could be individual bone structure, skill of the person performingthe procedure oor both that cause your pain. In any case ask for some pain meds. No need to suffer. Hopefully the pain will stop with time.

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Kate, I had hodgkins in 1987 and had 2 bmb at that time. Well it's been 28 years and still once in a while it reminds me that little throbbing pain ! It was more prevalent in the first several years but has diminished over time. I sort of look at it as a reminder that I'm still here.

Good luck and god blessWink

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Yes, you read right. I have had 50 BMB. I was on 5 clinical trials for CML since 1998. It required a BMB EVERY 3 months. I have experience almost everything. I started at 33 years and stoped at 50 years old. I am now 52 and I am experiencing daily chronic pain. Doctors hands are tied, they can only recommend pain medication. I will continue to try and find an answer to this because this pain can be a 9 out of 10 somedays. If you have any questions regarding BMB please feel free to ask.

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....the risk of each and every type of biopsy. I have some from an incisional biopsy years ago, but have so far suffered none based on marrow biopsies. After seven years of primary/consolidation therapy/five salvage regimens, including two clinical trials, followed by a hapolidentical stem cell transplant and two years of follow ups, I have had only about 20 aspirations. I experienced only temporary discomforet during a few of them, with the worst being two seeks of soreness/pain.

I suppose that prescription therapies such as Gabapentin or Pregbalin (Lyrica) might be tried for relief. If the pain is more debilitating, perhaps a nerve block could be tconsidered, but again, those also carry risks.

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Hi all. I had 4 BMB one after each chemo treatment and whist the procedure was not nice to say the least, I coped. Now I had a biopsy to a tumor on my L3 which proved to be in keeping with the relapsed NHL. Had 20 radiation treatments and strong back pain started almosta after first week of treatment. Concerned that it is the illness but always think that could be inflammation to nerves or other that is causing pain. anyone with similar experience to share I would appreciate.

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I have had two surgeries on the L4-5. No cancer there, though. Nerve pain is always present, but normally in the background. If I think about it, I notice it. A tumor there, or its removal would almost certainly result in some localized scar tissue, which might then inflame the nerves. Genrally, if one can take Ibuprofen or similar non-steroidal anti-infmammatory drugs, it helps. Hot and cold packs, alternating, may also help, or an electrical stimulation unit (T.E.N.S.) may provide some help. That has been my experience. 

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Fiat 127,

I never had cancer in the back, but did break T9 in a compression fracture, and have two totally collapsed disks, and trauma-induced scoliosis, as well as a trauma-induced kyphotic deformity ("hunchback effect").

For the first few years after the accident, I had odd nerve sensations and was checked for neurological "shorts" -- my right arm would have spasams at times, from "short circuits." I broke both scapulars, and had a "raw nerve" over one blade: Touching that nerve would make me nearly jump across a room.

I grew out of all of this over time.  Although my entire spine is filled with arthritis from the base of the skull into the lumbar region, it usually does not hurt any more. (My head gets stuck at times, and to turn it I have to pop the head loose with my hands.)

Spinal pains and sensations often cure themselves over time, mine did.  I would think that pain or problems from radiation would eventually fix themselves.  What works for me best is BC Powders, which are mostly crushed asprin.  Old school, but works better than any of the new drugs like Mobic, Naproxol, or others, which I have perscriptions for.  All have been worthless.

Nerve death from prostate cancer radiations often cause numerous problems and impotence, but these too reportedly are only temporary (I never had radiation myself for prostate cancer, using surgical removal instead, but this is what the guys report.)

In short, I would think it reasonable to think that you will grow out of your current troubles. Intuitively, one would suspect the sensations to be more likely caused by the radiation than from tumors.   You definitely have had the radiation; tumors are an unknown,


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Thank you for sharin. I remain positive and v happy to receive your experiences.

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