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Vasco, Welcome back, Friend!

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I have missed seeing your entries the past few weeks.

Please tell us more about the contest you attended in Japan. Did the shingles interfere with your participation? Are you satisfied with how well you performed?

Whatever you are willing to share about your trip will be appreciated.

Old-timer (Jerry)

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Hi Jerry

I did not well but I did not bad either. I managed to get the 5th place of my group (23 players). Totally we were 46 competing.
There are no doubts that the medication affected my reasoning. I stopped the antiviral 6 days before the games but had to continue with the pain killers. Jetlag also played a trick. My losses come from obvious errors. In any case I enjoyed very much the whole event (4 days at the base of the majestic Mount Fuji, crowned with snow in a background of blue skies). At least I managed to beat one world famous chess players. These guys from chess are new in the Shogi world but have become powerful adversaries in just a couple of years. The winner of the event though was a Japanese boy 12 years old. Lol
Sure this will be the future genius of the Shogi world.

I also meet my surgeon of 2000. He likes to follow my case and always adds some comments. This time he spoke about the new PET contrast agent to identify metastases in guys in my status, named “Ga-68-NODAGA-MJ9”. This is what is at trials at Lausanne, Swiss. He also informed on developments of genetics to prevent treatment of PCa, now is a high topic in Japan. In other words, to treat or not to treat, independently of the Gleason.

Surely I also meet old friends and colleagues and enjoyed the food and sake. Apart of that I looked for matters related to my present status as a permanent resident of Japan, when at 65yo one becomes a member of the seniors’ community, availing of benefits like free old-age health insurance, free transportation and free access to government spas.

How about you my friend; How are you doing at your southern place?

Have you new PSA results or other events to share with us?

Best wishes for the New Year.

Thanks for caring,




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Hi VG,

Some info that might interest you without being too boring:

My PSA continues to be non detectable after six years. As you know, I have experienced prostate cancer for 23 years. I am not happy about having cancer, but I have been lucky in coping with it. I am happy about that part.

I grew up in the South (Arkansas) but moved to the Northwest after military service during WW II. I continue to have strong feelings of attachment to my Southern heritage. However, my political and religious views diverge from those of some of my Southern friends.

I once sort-of-learned chess but did not become interested in that sport. I have been a long-time competitive bridge player and am a silver life master in the ACBL rankings. I played in many national and regional tournaments and placed in a few contests. I no longer go to out-of-town tournaments. But I still play "social" bridge and teach bridge classes here at the retirement community where I live.

I have had a life-long interest in history. That began in grade school about the time I first learned about Vasco da Gama, the famous Portuguese naval explorer!

I love engaging in activities that interest me. For example, at age 88, I continue to write historical Journal articles about the area in Arkansas where I grew up.

Happy New Year. May it be a peaceful and prosperous one.

Old-timer (Jerry)



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