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Colonoscopy NED Year 3 - Coming Up - It is Tomorrow

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Well gang, my year 3 NED colonoscopy is scheduled for Jan 9th. 

My Onc mentioned that if there is a good result at that point the rate of recurrance drops alot at that point.  Nice to hear but lets just plow on more anxiety.

Yikes.  Well tick....tick...tick.... the wait is on. 

Trying VERY hard not to have anxiety-monster overtake me.

This is such a hard thing to manage through.

I don't know how you all feel but it is hard to explain how hard it really is.


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Heyyy mine is the 10th, 2 year mark!  My doctor said the same thing.  Wooo hooo all around.  I'm not having anxiety over it yet, thank goodness. I don't think it can be avoided.

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I will be thinking of you too.  The more I try not to think about it the more I think about it and around and around and around......

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I have a CT Scan on the 19th.  Looks like allot of us are in for some check-ups. 


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Yes, I also heard 3 years was some milestone. I have my first scan since my surgery Jan. 6 so it looks like a lot of us have tests coming up. Here's to good news for all of us! We could really use it around here. I think we'll all do great, there is power in our group effort, there is power in positive thinking, there is power in prayer. 

Let's kick some cancer a$$! It'll be fun : )


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Hers's to kicking major cancer a$$.


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Sending lots of good thoughts and hand squeezes your way!  XOXO

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Hope that all goes well for your upcoming scope and that you will be squeeky clean once again.


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Update 1/8/2015 - I had my CEA done prior to colonoscopy to try to ease my mind and CEA is 0.8 Yeah!  This takes a little pressure off of me tomorrow.  That glorious prep starts for me tonight at 5pm, then Friday at 7am.  I am due there at 11am.  I will post an update later in the day.  My best to all!!!!  *********************************

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