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*update - Eileen (CC) .. facebook page 12/17*

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Our Cypress Cynthia posted this on December 17th ....


Finished chemo. Next chemo 21 days! Chemo had no side effects at all. I love you all so much and have felt the love. I can never, ever thank anyone enough. As my writing approves, I will try. I am less wobbly today: walking with a cane, very tired, but no more leg freezing up. Hands are a little shaky and brain is definitely "off", but I feel a little stronger each day.
I am just beginning to understand how many heroes out there I can never ever thank. My soul is overflowing today.

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Jean 0609
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Eileen, you are amazing!





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There are just no words......

Love and prayers, CC, keep on going!



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CC, you are remarkable.  It is wonderful to hear from you.  I hope you continue to improve and continue to inspire us all.


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So happy to hear!

thank you for posting Vicki-

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You are one strong incredile woman and a miracle. I was on vacation and am so relieved to see your amazing progress!!

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Way to go, CC!!  You are incredible!!



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So happy for you dear pink sister.  We were worried there for awhile but I knew you can do it.  We have prayed so much for you.


Mary-Orlando, FL

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So wonderful to hear from you!  True blesssing!

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our remarkable Eileen is still fighting after all these years.  She believes it has been adherence!  I think that helped, but mostly it.is because she has been enveloped on a.cocoon of.love.and.support from Danny, Catherine, her 3 amazing.sisters.  Not to mention friends and extended family.  Then c poo med the adherence to the meds, being happy on her job and the rest.

She may continue t o surprise everyone.for quite.some time, or we hope this will be the case.

Always glad to hear good.news!


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Eileen you are so amazing.  So excited to see your post.  We are all so glad to hear that you are making improvements! This make my Christmas.  I'm grinning from ear to ear.  Will continue to pray for continue improvement.  


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So happy you are improving - keeping you in all my prayers .. and sending gentle hugs!

 much love,


New Flower
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Thank you Vicki

You made my day

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