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It is finished

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I am happy to say that the surgery is over.  I am lying here in bed...in pain... but happy to  be rid of that tumor.  It was a bit bigger than they thought...almost 5 CM.  It was also oblong shaped, and had grown into the ventricle...whatever that means.  But, it was encaplulated, and they got the thing out succssfully and were able to save the kidney.  The path report has obviously not come back yet, but the doctor said he would expect a Stage 1 Grade B tumor.  Not exctly up on my grading system,  but i am hoping that is good news. 

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Congratulations and glad you are well enough to post.  Rest, relax, recover.

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If the doc's hopeful, that's great news! After all, he saw the damn thing, you didn't. My doctor prepared me much the same way; told me he was "pretty certain" it was a malignant tumor but that it was very small and contained in the kidney. Great news that they spared your kidney, too. It's out! Now focus on recovering and moving on. 

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Andy, I'm glad it's all done and dusted at last. Your Surgeon may have said stage 1b as its over 4cm he hasn't given you the grade as yet which will indicate the amount of cellular change. All in all it sounds good! When are you set to go home? Make sure you take a back seat on the Christmas preparations. You know by now the drill,the importance of walking, hydrating no stretching or lifting no driving for a short time. Many people sleep on recliners initially because of the difficulty getting up and down. Also smaller more regular meals are a good idea to start off with because you will be bloated. There may also be added pain in shoulder and back not only due to positioning throughout surgery but also from the residual effects of anaesthetic.

Take care heal well:)


Djinnie x

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I'm glad it's over and that it was contained to the kidney. Get up and walk as soon as possible; in fact, I hope they had you up and out of bed already. If you're off IV, drink a lot of water. I had zero appetite but tried to eat tiny amounts of egg, toast, things like that. It was several days before I felt like eating but I kept drinking a lot of water. I was lucky to be able to sleep in my bed with the help of a wedge under the pillows and a long body pillow to support the side with the incision. You may give that a try. Speedy recovery and hoping for a great path report!

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I had more pain in the shoulder than the actual surgery ,but on the mend now . Dr. said it was stage 1b  whatever that means . I know of 5 people who have suregery due to KIDNEY CANCER and all doing great some has had it years ago. so that is encourging to me . Glad you are doing better , 

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Congrats on a successful surgery.  Now let the healing process begin.  

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braver already. See, all the worrying for nothing. Your medical staff takes good care of you.

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     Sounds like pretty good news to me! Try to just rest, relax, and take it easy!

                                                             Hope all news is good news for you!


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Good news, AndyE! Look at you communicating with us already!!

Now on with the healing! Take care not to overdo things! And rest, relax and enjoy your Christmas!



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Well glad its over and you are on the mend, Andy~YAY!!!

Each day will improve. Just watch out for that nasty "gas" pain..it tends to linger as its trapped inside, mostly at shoulder. Maybe you wont have that, but just in case you do, be ready. MOVEMENT and REST.

I also used a lumbar, velcro wrap (obtained at any drug store) to support the sore abdomen/incisions. I would place dry ice inside the wrap but not against the skin. It really helped the swelling and soreness to have the ice. For me, it seem to help with pain/soreness as ice reduced the swelling/inflammation.

Thanks for letting us know how you are and continue to keep us informed, if you want.

Warmly, Jan






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Well, it has been a couple of days since surgery, and I have been walking as much as I can stand.  The pain on monday and tuesday was unbelievable even with a nerve block and other pain meds.  I would not wish that on anyone.  Today the pain level has come down dramaticlally.  Sitting up has become easier and walking is easier.  I go home tomorrow.  This has been quite the experience for sure, but I am thrilled that I had the chance to go through it....these doctors saved my life.  My kids will have a dad for a long time now...I can't complain about that, and I owe everything to my doctors.  I am forever grateful.

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I'm so glad your pain has dropped a bit. It will get easier and better every day now. Don't over do anything. I simply walked around the house for 5 - 7 minutes every hour. I hugged a pillow to my incision while I walked and that helped considerably. And yes, your kids will have their dad for a long long time :)

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