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RRx001-21-02 trial I got selected for the new drug. Yes!

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Nana b
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This is the trial I spoke of earlier. It's supose to target  only low oxygenated cells and destroy them. I am going forward with this trial. I have been under extreme back pain that kept me from doing the Gerson Therapy and although they don't want me to do this chemo, I felt it was better to get better, athough, I'm still in pain. I start the trial the week of 1 January. 


Once I'm  done with the trial, or I can no longer tolerate it, or if it's not working, will go do the Gerson Therapy as they are holding my deposit  :), and something I really want to do.   


Here is info if anyone is interested and lives near Stanford or La Jolla Ca  Hawaii has not started recruiting yet.  They pay for reasonable lodging and food. The trial pays for the meds, insurance pays doctors and nurses.   The trial did pay for my pet  




I do want info on the trial, that uses your own immune system to destroy Cancer cells but have not found that link yet, immunotherapy or something like that.  



More info. 



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Glad to hear that you are selected for a trial that interests you.  If you can keep posting to let us know more about the trial and how that might fit in with your hopes for a good result in Tiajuana.

Wishes for good results and forward progress,


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Nana b
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After chemo, if it works for me, Pla n to go detox with Gerson and build my immune system back up.   Hope to be a true vegetarian, it's not easy but I'm doing pretty good and cutting out processed foods, coffee, dairy  and sugar.  


I had hoped to go to Gerson in November, well I was scheduled. however, my family wants me to do trial. I had said I would  do the new drug, and they said you  cant get selected until you apply. :) So I did and I got the new drug.   So Gerson is on hold. Don't want to detox then have chemo. 


The second chemembolization didn't work that great. So liver tumor is growing.  That's why my family wants me to do this trial. No choices after this but Gerson.   


It is, what it is....


i will update. I start January 6th. 

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That's great!

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We're with you all of the way, Nana. 

You are strong, and willing to do what it takes. I have much admiratoin for you. 

Sue - Trubrit

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WOW good news Nana, all the best with this new adventure....... You will start the New Year with a new treatment and I hope it really works.

All the best,


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Congrats !  Wonderful news. good luck with it all.  I think we lab rats can jump on the STEM band wagon and rightly call ourselves women of science...




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I live near Stanford and will be having a scan in early January. If I get a bad result I'll ask about that trial, I might join you!  Keep us posted, I'm curious what side effects, if any, might happen. I also heard stage IVs never get the placebo if there is one so don't worry about that.


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Hugs, Kathi

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Thats great news Nana. I hope this works for you.

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Best wishes for success 

Fight for my love
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This is really wonderful news, Nana, I am so happy for you.

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I wish you the best!


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Nana b
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Thank you All. Blessing. 

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you in my thoughts and prayers. It sounds like a great trial. 


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