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Special Day Today

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Although I have been around these parts for many years, today was the first time I've ever had the pleasure of meeting another warrior face to face.

I was able to visit with Thxmiker while he is recovering from his latest bout in the hospital. What a nice guy he is. We hugged like long lost friends. Although he lives in beautiful Payson about 70 miles north of here, he has been receiving some of his treatment in one of the hospitals in my area. I was hoping to meet his lovely wife also, but she was shopping with his sister.

Sorry, neither of us thought to take a picture, but what a treat it was for me to finally meet up with him.



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How wonderful!! Today I met Yolanda from here on CSN,  it really is special to see in person these wonderful people that share our lives.  So glad you got to meet Thxmiker!!  I hope someday to meet you, as you have been most special in my life.

Winter Marie

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if you mean Payson, Arizona then we're neighbors. 

i just moved to Fountain Hills. 


merry Christmas



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How exciting to meet one of the forum members face to face.

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It makes me happy to hear this, although I wish it hadn't been a hospital, and you could have met Mike and his wife at some lovely resteraunt. 

It is a speical hug, isn't it. I've been blessed now to meet Nanab and Yolllimbs. I hope to meet more over the many years I survive. 

Sue - Trubrit

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How lovely that you got to meet.  I think of you all often and imagine that hug would be very much like family.

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Still hoping we will get to have that experience one of these days.

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It is like long lost friends right from the start, isn't it? It's great to receive and give that support in person. I had the pleasure of meeting Yolanda recently and we could have talked all day. Good for you for going to visit him and cheering him up!


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Nana b
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I lived in phoenis and had a cabin in Stawberry, right past Payson and another little town I can remember now, for many many years. 


This is is Great! 

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ahhhh so nice Wolfen....i was thinking about you a lot last night. Just wondering how things are going for you.....may also be because my only child is due with her first baby this week....i am 100 miles away and finding it very very hard.....so thinking of you dear Wolfen.....

ahhh makes me sad to think I will never run into any of you.....unless of course you decide to make a visit to Santa and the north pole....let me know pleeeze.....we can meet up

love to all, mags



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I think about you often, and send warm hugs your way each time!


It IS a wonder, when you get to hug someone first hand that is a fast friend from the 'cyber' world!


Truth be told, Hans and I are eyeing a trip that would include most of that part of Arizona, as well as many of the national parks in the surrounding states.  I finally realized that although I can pretty much tell you all about Rome, Italy....I have very little knowledge of my own country!!!


I am sending warm, season's hugs to you, my dearheart!


Hugs, Kathi

Fight for my love
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How wonderful it is!

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It is so wonderful meeting people from the board and I'm glad you were able to meet up.  Wish we could all get together sometime and do that.  The meetings they had before were at hotels so expensive we couldn't afford, but it's a great idea.  Glad you had a good time.


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so happy for you!

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You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray.  I hope to meet you in person one day too=)  I live in NY, if you're ever here or I head your way, I'm in!

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All of you have given so much to me and my JBG over these many years. Truly my GREAT BIG family.

Helen, your post makes me smile. That is what I sang to both of my children at bedtime when they were small and sadly what I sang to JBG on her last day. But, it means a lot to me.

Mike, in Fountain Hills. Yes to Payson, Az. Thxmiker is from there, but is treated in north Scottsdale. I am a south Scottsdale cowgirl. Have been in the valley since 1956.

Raquelle, I'll bet the other small town is Pine, which is near Strawberry.

Mags, if I were 40 years younger, I would love to live in the Alaskan wilderness. I could drop by on my way there. But at my age, not so sure I could give up my running water & electricity. I am in awe of your summer cabin.

Kathi, let me know when you'll be nearby.

Craig, my Texas son, so glad to see you sittin' up and takin' nourishment.

Ann, my special friend, I'm still hoping Oregon/Washington is in my future.

Winter, in my heart we'll always be the ditzy blondes.  LOL

And to all of you, I wish they would have the ColonPalooza in Phoenix or even Tucson one of these days for us folks more to the West. That would be the world's biggest hug.



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to meet in person. I wish we could all meet up. I volunteer to be the traveling ambassador 



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We had a special conversation which has been a long time coming.  When we met it was like long lost friends getting together. We chatted about life and it was just really natural. We had been promissing each other to get together, but timing was just never quite right.


Thanks for being a piece of encouragement and friend for several years!

Best Always,  mike


PS  We have made a dificult choice, but we will move to Houston this spring.  Being 90 miles away from health care is now not practical anymore.  We will miss Payson AZ so much!  MD Anderson will be within 25 minutes of us, and Family will be closer.  We also have several friends from High School and college in the Houston area.  SO, it is not like we are moving to an area where we know no one.  We moved to Payson not knowing anyone, and have zero regretts for our choices.  We have made severl friends and absolutely love the area.

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It seems that a lot of members are meeting each other. This board never ceases to amaze me. The good people on this board deserve nothing but the best! Too bad that there are no pics, but I'm sure it's a day you'll never forget!


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