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cancer wins

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I went in for surgery on Friday to remove what we though was a cancerous node by my small intestine; maybe remove my gall bladder and fix a large umbilical hernia. The doctor did repaire my hernia ; decided the gall bladder was fine; but closed up my abdomen. He stated the cancer was too close to the small intestine and he found several more small tumors on my liver which the pet scan did not see since they are too small. He said with the liver causing me to bleed so easily he felt any attempt to remove the node would result in too much of a risk and i would have died on the operating table of massive blood loss. He has given me three months to nine months before I die and advised me regarding hospice. So after my forth bout of cancer cancer wins and I lose. Of course cancer had a lot of help along the way. Chemo that damged my liver so badly that I got cirrhosis and gaggle of incompetent arrogant doctors. I've decided not to tell my daughters until I'm no long able to function. My wife is doing better now but she kind of knew what I faced. We were shocked a the news. Six months ago no cancer...just a cyst on my liver...oops they were wrong about that so sorry? To all my long time friends; the Folfox club; and those of you who have helped me with the benefit of your experiences and vast knowledge...Thank You. Lou

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enough words to convey my concern and support. It's a tough road. Just keep in mind the doctors are not the decider of your time on earth. God is. I'm sending cyber hugs and prayers for you and your family. 


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I am so very, very sorry to hear this. My heart aches for you, your wife, children, loved ones and all who know and love you. 

But, you're not there yet. Death's door seems to be looming, but you are not there, not yet. 

There is hope, while hope lasts. Don't give up until that become blatently obvious. Miracles do happen, and why not for you. 

Please, please keep posting here, so that we can love you, support you and help you, even if it is just online. 

Surrounding you in cyber hugs. 

Sue - Trubrit

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Nana b
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So sorry Lou. Wish thre was something we could do, other than just sitting ducks.  Big hug to you. 



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                I am also not sure that you can believe them this time either but havng said that at some stage it comes down to enough is enough. I believe that at some point we all have to draw the line in the sand and make a choice. Is what we are going thru to gain some time worth it. If there were some gaurantees that what you choose to do will lead to continued good health you would choose to go on but if the road is the same continuous loop and each time you walk it you finnish deeper in trouble then I personally would not choose to go any further. Just my opinnion and it will be put to the test sooner or later with the escalation of long term side effects. All the best mate as always you have my support. Ron. 

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Lou, I am so sorry to read this news.  It is all too familiar to me and so many others here.  My husband wrote something similar to friends and family in an email when he got 'the news' and was told to get his affairs in order.  He was always a realist, sadly also trusting some incompetent medical treatment and care along the way.  What did we know at the time?  We never dealt with cancer and HAD to trust and believe them, for a while anyway.  

I am sitting here watching Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong on 60 minutes.  I believe in him and his theories against cancer.  Too bad it probably won't help any of us in our lives.  Too much money in drugs used ti 'fight' cancer.  He is a self made billionaire using his own money to treat tumors, of course big money pharmaceuticals are naysayers,  Curing cancer would put them all out of business.

In the end, in patient hospice is where my husband passed away.  They were fantastic to him, me and the rest of the family.  In home hospice was very difficult., I felt pretty much on my own as the caregiver.

Continue to be brave and try to enjoy your family.  It sucks, I'm so sorry to read your update.


Cathleen Mary
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Lou, I am really sorry to read this news. My hope is that you have a lot more enjoyable time than they are predicting. Check in when you can. We will be rooting and hoping for you.


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So Sorry to read about your situation.  I agree with Sue in that there is always hope while there is breath.

Please keep us informed as you travel this road. As another said there is not much we can do but offer support to you and your family.

Blessings of comfort and strength.


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I'm so sorry. I pray that it'll turn around somehow. I have no words, I can't think of a thing to say. I'm just sitting here crying for you. Goddam cancer, rot in hell where you came from.

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So sorry for the news.  I think we all fear the scans aren't picking up everything. Is chemo an option?  Time to get a second opinion.  I hope you prove your md wrong.


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I am very sorry to read this but please look into all, other, any options. 

You owe that gift to yourself.  Look into other doctors also.

My prayers and thoughts go to you.

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Lou, I am so sorry to read your words. We are sending our thoughts and prayers for solace and healing.   Keep up your strong will, and every day is better then not.


We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.


Thanks for all of your encouragement!


Best Always,  mike

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Prayers, love, and support.  I wish I had more to offer.  I will continue to pray for that miracle <3

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That sucks. The boards are filled with people that heard 'the speech' and then proceeded to beat the odds. They are fast tracking new promising drugs, who knows what the future holds? I might suggest high dose CBD oils, the high is not bad and it's a chance. Whatever happens, sooner or later, I believe, we'll all see each other on the other side. Surround yourself with love.



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I was afraid to open this post.  My gut says go to another doctor.  Maybe I'm fishing but if the idiots were wrong before, maybe another doctor will be willing to try.  I just wish we could all keep fighting.  Doctors are very arrogant.  They also don't seem to recognize that we are real people with real lives once we walk out of the hospital doors.  I spoke to Barb when she decided to let go and she said that you just don't know until it's you, even with all we've been through she said we can't understand.  Thanks for all of your help Lou, I'll be thinking about you.    

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I'd go find myself another oncologist to have a talk to, and look at a few trials before letting cancer get a so called "win".

Thinking of you and wishing you the best.

Winter Marie

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cancer did not win.  Not at all.  For all those that know who Stuart Scott is and his battle with cancer.  Here are some words he made in a speech recently. I think we all can relate in one way or the other.  I will paraphrase.  "When you die it does not mean you lose to cancer, you beat cancer by how you live, why you live and in the manner you live."  "So live and fight like hell."

Lou don't you give up on us...

I will get off my soap box now.  Thoughts and prayers sent your way Lou....


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